Tuesday, November 04, 2014

1994 Roberta's Letter -Nov.4



We sure enjoyed having you both her & appreciated all the helpful things you did.  I'm now enjoying the Granola too!

Here is a collection of reading material for you both! [+ 4 clippings written in Jean's handwriting at top of letter]  This is some paper – friend of ours had printed up from a photograph!

I did call & speak to Beverly Gooding about CHINA –– & mailed her a brochure.  Philip Morris & CHINA making the news –– Now w/NO CIG Advertising allowed will be interesting to me if prop 200 (40¢ additional tax per pkg of cigs) passes in Arizona.  It's hard not to vote your pocket book!

Gotta go – 1st of the month busy time.  Sid making cookies (oatmeal/raisin) & Bran muffins for Church Library [or Bakery?]  Sale.

Love ya Both,
Roberta (& of course Sid & the cats!)

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