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1984 Catherine's Letter -Nov.5

October 30, 1984
[November 5, 1984]
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  My intentions were goon on Oct. 30, but I didn't get very far as you can see.  I have more time today though since it is my day off.  Gerry is at work and Wendy is at school.  This has been a nice long weekend for me since I also had Saturday off as a comp day for Veteran's Day which is coming up next Monday.  Wendy also has next Monday off from school so I promised her she can have a friend over for the day or we'll do something else "special."  I'm pretty sure Gerry has to work.

Halloween was a big day for me at work with three parties.  The morning pre-school party had 45 children plus lots of adults, 25 for the p.m. pre-school party and 60 for the after school party.  Volunteers helped with the pre-school parties and staff members plus volunteers helped with the after school.  I dressed like a clown (with a borrowed costume) complete with make-up and wig.  Then I wore my costume home and went Trick-or-Treating with Wendy.  She dressed as a witch with a black cape and a big pointed black hat.  We just went in our neighborhood but she got lots of candy as people were extra generous -- there were very few trick-or-treaters out.  Possibly because the temperature was 20º plus a strong wind.  She hasn't eaten hardly any of the candy (Gerry and I have eaten more than she has) as she just got a new pair of jeans and she's afraid if she eats candy then the jeans won't fit her.  She has slimmed down some recently which is why we were able to find a pair to fit her.  Before the regular sizes were too tight but the ½ sizes were too big.

I have to give a booktalk and recommend books for gifted students in grades 4-6 during December.  Their teacher was especially interested in science fiction like authors such as Norton, C.S. Lewis, and Alexander.  I was also thinking of Susan Cooper, L'Engle, Helen Cresswell . . . . .  Can you think of any other authors or specific books you would recommend?

I can't seem to find anymore paper right now so I'll use the back.

Glad to hear Dad is now Treasurer of the Friends of the Library.  Moscow's Friends provided refreshments for the Halloween parties.  There next big project is a "Give a book to the library for Christmas."  For every $10 donation a streamer gets hung on the Christmas tree.  They have a flier or letter about this – I'll see if I can get one to send to you, plus any thing else you might be able to use.

We have several things going on this week.  Tomorrow night we are going to a dinner at the Elks in honor of the Grand Exalted Ruler who is making his visit to Colfax.  He is originally from a small town near here.  He had already visited Madras and we heard good reports from people there who met him.  Thurs. evening we have a parent-teacher conference with Wendy's teacher.  Friday night there is a dinner at the golf course but I'm not sure yet if we'll go to it.  They have social events, i.e. dinners once a month throughout the winter.

It's almost lunch time so I better close.  Hope to hear from you again soon!

Love, Catherine, Gerry and Wendy

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