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1984 Family Letter -Nov.26

November 26, 1984
Dearest Family,

Hope that you all had a nice Thanksgiving.  We would have enjoyed having you all with us and certainly thought of each of you often.  We did have many things for which to be thankful: continued good health and much happiness and many, many other good things.  Just wish that we could get together more often and all together - those times don't come often enough -- as far as we are concerned anyway.

Mary Virginia brought home an Austrian girl who goes to the college and Mie Young was here for a couple of days.  The Culbreaths (new minister and his family) were here and Eloise Simkins so we had 13.  Mary V had also invited a mother and her son who weren't able to come at the last minute.

It has been nice having MV home -- she left this AM at 6:00 to go on bus to Philadelphia and Washington singing various places as well as getting to do some sightseeing.  Both MV and Mie Young have jobs when they get back from tour.  MV is working at the Y at the college and Mie Young got a job in a dress shop in the Factory Outlet  Mall near Kings Island.  Some girl from Adams County stayed all night with us last night so she wouldn't have so far to drive this morning.  [The estimated date on the postcard, posted here a few days ago, must have been incorrect.]

The Christmas Bazaar is this Saturday and everything is geared up for that and most of us will be glad when it is over.  That is all some think of all year long.  I wish sometimes that I were more artistic and into crafts.  Thanks to Roberta who made a number of notebook covers.

Dad is counting the days left on the Commissioners schedule.  There are seven at most including a trip to Columbus for a couple of days the second week in December.  One of the commissioner's of the  county (D.M. Fife) is president of the state group and the other commissioner is president of the district so Dad feels he really should support them at those levels.  There are so many special Christmas parties coming up in the next few weeks.  Each group thinks they have to have something special then and invite the county commissioners. (and their spouses).  Most of them are really nice but too many at one time.  David Stewart and his wife are welcome to that part of it.

Did get some mundane things done over the weekend . . like changing the oil in the cars and planting trees and shrubs in the yard.  M.V. had started them in her "nursery" and are now plenty large to move.  Last night we went to the "movies?" at the church and saw Martin Luther ('83 was the 500th anniversary of his birth).  Grandma joined us, plus had pop corn and lemonade.  After seeing the movie was motivated to re-read the article in the Natl Geographic on him.  He too had started out to e a lawyer, but had a greater calling.

Catherine sent us one of Wendy's spelling papers.  She is doing quite well in school.  Dad has more appreciation for teachers as he participated recently in "Back to School for a day in Wilmington".  About 50 adults were involved and it was an experience being on the "line" and conducting (?) a class.

[love, etc.]

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Mary Crowson said...

While most of the letters posted seem to be written partially by HH and partially by JWBU, I'd guess this is all mother, as it sounds (for the most part) like her?

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