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1974 Catherine's Letter -Nov.17

P.S. We thought we'd cash your check for $200 – that would pay for half a Jotul wood-burning stove.  Is that all right?  Please advise.

November 17, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad and Mary,

Hi!  It was good talking to you on the phone yesterday.  Sorry that I wasn't more awake and that John and X weren't here.

I think John has had a good vacation, X hasn't worked him too hard, he read all the books he brought with him, watched all the shows on TV that he had been missing, etc.

He left on the bus about two hours ago.  The last time he left here the bus was 20 minutes late, tonight it was 10 minutes early.  It didn't wait around either.  John & one other person got on and then it took off.

We were thinking of going somewhere over Thanksgiving since the library will be closed Thurs-Sun. and Miann is also closing down.  Mike Gallo may be help X put in his electricity then which would mean we would stay around.  If we do go somewhere we would probably go to visit Alan in New Haven.

John said he would write a letter on Thanksgiving so don't expect one too soon.

I wrote the preceding while watching a movie on TV but now the movie is over. [Reverse side is typed rather than handwritten.]

We did enjoy hearing that tape that you sent and it has now been mailed on to Roberta.  We were using the library's tape recorder to listen to it and it is specially designed not to record so that we won't have any problems with the libraries tapes being erased.  We did talk to somebody who has a recorder that they might loan us in the future.

It appears that I am able to get enough sleep.  I usually sleep about four hours in the morning and take about an hour nap in the evening.  And on Saturday night I go to bed about 11 and sleep until about 3 on Sunday afternoon which gets me back on the right track to start work again on Sunday night.  We get paid time and a half for working Friday nights.  There are 10 of us on the third shift.  Turnover rate is fairly fast as three new people have started since m.  There are two assembly lines and each line puts out about 2500 heels in an eight hour shift.  They also make plastic cases for eight track tapes.  I've never seen that done, though as they don't do it on our shift.  The weirdest part of the whole thing is changing from today to tomorrow without sleeping.  When we leave in the morning we say "See you tonight" instead of "See you tomorrow."

All the windows and doors are now on the house, except for the one door on the road side.  And the siding is 90% done.  Kuman is quite upset that she can n longer get in the house on the south side because of the sliding glass doors.

I have been playing the chord organ when I have a chance.  I bought some music for it but it seems rather expensive so didn't buy too much.  I do enjoy playing it so glad you were kind enough to bring it out.

I started reading one of John's books while he was here "The Power and the Glory" by Graham Greene and a now I have discovered that the library does not have a copy so I will have to buy one either for the library or myself to finish it.

X is still having meetings concerning the [library] addition.  The latest recommendation seems to be that the town would now give about $175,000 to put up the shell and then we could try to get the rest of the money somewhere else or from the town next year.  Town meeting is in Dec. so we'll see what happens then.

Love, Catherine & X

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