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1984 Roberta's letter - Oct.1

Dear Mom and Dad,
Welcome Home – hope you all had a GRAND trip – and greetings from California.  I've sure enjoyed my trip – so much that I extended it by one day – had hoped to go an extra 2 days but thanks to the aide coverage I've got to be back by 5:00 pm Tuesday.

I'm now in Spring Valley – Lois Bruce – she sure looks good despite all she has been through – I'm sure sorry she wasn't able to go on the freighter trip that she had looked forward to.  Right now she is at a meeting here concerning a new swimming pool.  Then she is off to go w/ a lady to a

Doctor's appt.  (didn't mean to skip that line)

I'll be off w/in the hour to have supper w/ROZ – she is the gal I met at Schuller's workshop – who lives here in San Diego – and is assistant to the Director of Religious Science Intl – Two years ago she had a beautiful red porsche. (sp?)  Would you believe – I'm not sure what her last name is – not sure I've ever known it.  Weird – huh?  I've been to her office before right near Balboa Park – a beautiful place – w/water-falls – etc.  Sure different than Maricopa County offices – w/out windows.!

When I got to San Diego called the cheap heaps rental – I had called them about 10 days before and they assured me I could get an old reliable for $8.00 a day – so when I called them from the airport the best price they could offer was $15.95 per day plus 15¢ per mile!  What a raise in price!

So . . . . I called up Greyhound Rent-a-Car on the courtesy phone and they had a deal $30 some per day – or $99 per week – minimum of 5 days!  After calling up other off brand places and ended up going w/ the $99 deal w/Greyhound.  So since I could have the car – it made all the more encouragement to me to stay over!  Stayed at the Plaza Int thru last nite.

Originally I was to fly out tonite – now will leave tomorrow on a 3:00 pm flight – will be able to slide into S.V. by 5L00 pm w/out any problem!

Of course – I've been in touch w/ Sid while we are both on the road!  He has changed his plans – will be leaving Indiana tomorrow (Oct. 2nd) for his brothers in Iowa.  Then will be leaving there on the 5th or 6th – so should be back home by the 8th or 9th.  The 1st week he will be home will be extra hectic – getting out the NARFE Newsletter – and the S.V. Newsletter.  I'll be typing – typing – typing.  Needless to say – it will be great to have Sid home!

I'm anxious to see if I've gained weight on this trip – had some shark for lunch here today – wasn't all that good – tasted something like tough chicken!  I've had it at an excellent fish restaurant near us (that Serena 'discovered' for us) and it was excellent there!

Tonight w/ Roz am eating at a restaurant near Old Town – then want to go to a very original type clothing store in old town.  Went there 2 years ago w/Roz got a black/purple dress & jacket – remember it?  Very original look, – was marked down so almost reasonable in price!  Roz really appreciates her clothes – too!

Did you all watch the movie HeartSounds – on T.V. Sunday pm – I had read the book by Martha Lear.  It's a tear-jerker – story of her husband's heart attacks/surgery/death.

I've been reading a book Touching by Ashley Montagu almost too researchie for me – but good – working w/ older people I can see how important touch is ––

Read the book Prodigal based on the Billy Graham movie.  It was good – did you all see the movie?  Maybe the movie was based on the book –– I'm not sure!?

I've got my feet up and the T.V. on – 1st Gary Collins – now Divorce Court – have really enjoyed taking life in the RELAXED lane the last few days.  So different than the hectic time at Senior Village.

Brought w/ me a small tape player and the Richard Simmons Exercise tape – have been doing it every morning and evening.  This coming Thursday – if I keep my track record up will be 1 month that I've done it every morning/evening!

We are still talking about buying a VIDEO player – if after the phone bill we can afford it.  HA!!

I'm off & running – out for supper –––

–– It is now Tuesday AM – will get this in the mail today.  If it's warm enough will go for a swim this AM – if not I'll go over in my heavy sweater/pants and watch!

Again – happy homecoming – will look forward to hearing of your trip.

Love, Roberta

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