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1974 Roberta's Letter to MV -Sep.30

Sept. 30, 1974
Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Did you know you talked to me last night?  It was me that called up asking for John.  I needed his address so I could send him a birthday card!  Did you or Mom know it was me – I wasn't sure if you knew it was me or not!

I'm down at school now – came down w/ my girl friend who has a class tonight.  I thought I'd buy the text book I need for my one class & then read it tonight; but when I went to the bookstore they were all out of the books I need.  So I guess I'll just get some letters written tonight!

How is school going for you?  Is it this week that you all have a day off?

We really had fun when we went to Disney World.  There were a couple of new attractions since the last time we were there.  Ask Ruth about the Pirates ~~~~~~~ (can't think of the whole name).  We got in there boat type deal & then they went down a waterways – somehow we got in the front seat – so that was really exciting!

When we went to Disney World both Rob & I got junior tickets – do you think I look older than 17?  You all will have to come down for Christmas – I've got lots of left over tickets. (both junior & adult)

When you went to Kings Island – were there any new rides?  I wish we could have gone there over the summer!  Maybe next summer . . . . .

I'm learning a little bit of Spanish at work.  Two of the guys that work in the dishroom only speak Spanish so they have taught me a few words.

Rob is getting ready to go into the Marines.  Can you imagine him w/ short hair?  After Rob leaves the Hortons house will be as quiet & empty as the Uible house.  HA!  We're going to have 5 cars for 3 people!!  If I wanted to I could drive a different car to work everyday!

Well – I better close – do write when you can.  Maybe you should start writing carbon copies to all your sisters & brother!

Hello to everyone ––

Love, Berta

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