Wednesday, October 15, 2014

1984 Roberta's postcard to GHU -Oct.17

Arizona State Capitol postcard mailed 1984. Captioned: State Capitol Building and Capitol Complex, Phoenix, Arizona.  Constructed of Arizona tufa stone, the original building was dedicated February 25, 1901.  Built on donated grounds at a cost of $135,744.29.  The land donated was an inclusion in the agreement when the Territorial Capitol was moved from Prescott.  The first addition to the building was made in 1918, another in 1939, and finally, the two front wings in 1960.  The entire copper roof, which weighs 13 tons and is valued at $50,000 was donated by the Arizona Mining Association.  The dome, which is Tedlar covered, will remain bright and shiny indefinitely.  The other buildings in the area are part of the Capitol Complex.
[10/17/1984 postmarked]
Hi Grandma –
It has turned COLD here – so I've got on layers of clothes!  We have tickets (FREE) to see the play Jesus Christ Superstar – about 10 residents of Sr. Village going – hope they enjoy it!  Talked w/ Wendy Jean – she can sure talk – sounds so grown up!  Love, Roberta

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