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1974 Roberta's Letter -Oct.3

October 3, 1974
Dear Family,

Hi!  I'm at work and it's slow right now - so thought I'd sit back & write a letter or so!  I don't mind when we're not busy but boy the waitresses really hate it – they only make 75¢ an hour - so they don't make anything unless they are busy!

Thanks for your letter Dad.  I took the bill into the health service to see what was up & the woman explained to me where I stood.  I'll enclose all the info on another page.

I had goose bumps all over when I heard the weather report for Ohio this morning on the Today Show.  It's turned cooler down here – but still in the 70's!  I'm lucky at work - all the customers complain about how cool the place is – but I stay plenty warm because right behind me is the grill & racks that they cook on.  They have the same kind of racks here as they have at Ponderosa to cook the hamburgers & steaks on.

My political science course in even harder than I first suspected it to be.  The prof believes in the Langdale method of study [possibly the Christopher Columbus Langdell "case method" developed at Harvard Law School in the late 1800's.  For more info see this article on Langdell in Wikipedia.]  I'd never dream of letting the prof know my father was an attorney – he would wonder why I was such a dummy!  I just hope I pass the proficiency exam – coming up on Tues.  He said anyone that had graduated from high school should be able to pass it – but – about 50% of the people don't pass it the 1st time around!

My business course – I enjoy. It's alot of theories – and names & what they said.  Today he asked who Warren Bennis was – I was the only one who knew.  He is Pres. of U.C. – also has his own ideas as to business.

Did you all send any mail to me in Delray?  If so – I never have gotten it.  I do hope no check went to that address.  By the way – don't I have a Wells check coming my way?  I won't get paid here for another -2- weeks!  Imagine going a whole month until you get paid!  Well – it will be nice when I quit!

I figure financially I'm better off here than Burdines – I make about the same – but don't have to pay out for parking & also don't have to pack or buy a lunch.  I did call Burdines up (WPB) after I found out my days here & plan to work some Saturdays nearer Christmas.  But since I'm working so many hours here I might not do it!

I'll close for now.

Love, Berta

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