Monday, October 20, 2014

1964, 1974 John writes 100% - Oct.

First grade (or more likely Second? – seems advanced for October of first grade) and Exeter Academy – two writings from John, ten years apart  I'm wondering why he got a 100 on the dictation paper and yet that only earned him an A-.  Bit late to be questioning the teacher, though Norma Allen (if it was second grade) has a fairly good memory.  Transcription of the 1974 letter follows.  Makes me wonder what happen on June 20, 1974 in Cleveland.  

Oct. 20, 1974
Dear Dad,

It is your birthday again and I wish I could be with you to celebrate it.

Even though I am farther away from you and mom this year your expressions of love to me have made it seem that we are closer together than ever before.  It is much easier for me to face each day knowing that I have a wonderful family and especially parents who really care about me.

You have always been so generous and set a fine example for me.  I will never forget the day we spent together on June 20 of this year in Cleveland.  I know of no other person in all the world who could have remained so calm and acted in such a respectable manner as you did, Dad.

Your state of success and consideration of others are just two of your fine qualities which I truly admire and have hopes of attaining some day.

Well, I must close.  "Happy Birthday" and "Thank you."

Your son,

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