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1954 Jean's Letter -Oct.10

Letter from Jean to her mother, Lucie Brown Ballantyne - Oct., 10, 1954 - First and last pages scanned.

Had a card from Sarah Hinerman (no doubt you did too) about Sarah Jane pledging Chi Omega.

Oct. 10, 1954
Dearest Mother,

We just got in from a picnic at Wilmington Park with the Penns, Rudisills, & Shaffers – just a spur of the moment affair but we had quite a roundup of food.  I happened to have bought a canned picnic ham which I baked, got a quart of apple sauce, 3½ packages of buns and an orange chiffon cake out of the freezer & with some lemonade.  Alice happened to have 3# of hamburger, brownies, etc.  The others brought a couple of cakes, baked beans, tomatoes, salads, etc.  One brought coffee, another hot chocolate another milk & we all came home much too full.

The children all enjoyed playing on the swings and things.  Roberta can really climb to the top of the jungle jim now – a month or so ago she wouldn't or couldn't even reach first rung.

Mother's Club met last week & decided on a benefit bridge Oct. 25th and then their guest nights is Nov. 1st or 2nd when they invite their husband for a gala evening on the town – Cincinnati, I guess.  The committee keeps the details of what & where secret but it has been hinted it will be quite different – being our 1st we can't compare but I take it there'll be dining & dancing in some gay spot in Cincinnati.

Donna South injured her back – or something happened after the Mother's Club Meeting for she just got to the bed before she passed out & has been confined to her bed ever since – haven't heard the details but she's still not allowed out of bed.

Elizabeth Johnson had a real nice meeting (WSCS) out at her house last Friday.

The weather has been so beautiful here I haven't work - or rather it's been to hot to wear some of the long sleeves or wool maternity dresses.  But I've had plenty – two of Mary's have short sleeves and the two I got at Wards I've really worn.  Thanks alot for the clipping about the dresses – I really have plenty though with more being offered to me each day.  I returned to of Mary's since they were too tight across the back.

The article about comics was very interesting.  There have been quite a few lately with different groups coming out against them.

Mother Uible has offered to take care of the girls Wednesday when the Woman's Club takes their excursion to Chillicothe – we plan to see Adena – the home of Thomas C [Worthington], one of Ohio's governors & eat lunch at the McCarthy Hotel.  They have wonderful food – perhaps you remember we ate there one Sunday when Roberta was just a baby & we tried to find Adena but they were remodeling it then.

Calvin Smith is to get in tomorrow morning at Greenfield about 7:30 [About six months previously in the spring of 1954, HH & Jean visited Calvin in France.]

I had a note from Hester Newton Thrasher & they have another boy – Henry Wood & they plan to call him "Wood."

Harold stopped to see Marge & Linn Zook in Lima on his way home from Chicago & they are also expecting in January.  They want us to come up some weekend this month.  They wrote & invited us last March not knowing we were in Europe & we received the invitation in Paris in May.

Looking forward to hearing from you again soon – we're still talking about going to Florida so counting on you going too.

All our very best love,

Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

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