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1984 Catherine's Letter -Oct.5

October 5, 1984

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  I am already falling behind in my letter writing but my intention is to keep up as well as I can.

Today was the end of my first month on the job so tomorrow will be a beginning –– of my second month.  I am becoming more involved in the various operations.  Today I typed a summary of September activities (which I'll try to remember to include) which will be sent as part of a monthly packet to each of the board members.  Then I got a sample bookmark made up announcing halloween parties the library is going to have on Oct. 31 (when else?). We have a printer so they will be done in-house.  [Part mentioning family member name is scanned below the letter.]

I have Oct 20 off as a "Comp Day" since Columbus Day is an open holiday.  Our plans are for Gerry to take Monday off and we'll go to Madras over the three day weekend.  We had originally planned to go over Thanksgiving but by going in October we can count on better weather and less traffic.  Wendy is looking forward to seeing her special friends there.

I started carpooling this past week with a gal who is going to beauty school in Moscow.  She has to be there from 8:30-5 Tuesday to Saturday which is about the same as me unless something special is going on.  I'm paying her $10/week as she likes to drive.  That's for about 300 miles.  I appreciate not having to drive and it means we can wait awhile longer before making the purchase of another vehicle.  Irregardless we need to buy before too long.  I think we should discuss the money-loan situation further, make sure we understand each other.

The leaves are beginning to change in this area – pretty fall colors.  There are lots more hardwood trees here – Madras had very few.  Moscow, Pullman and Colfax all have tree lined streets and patches of trees in the area.

Wendy is enjoying first grade.  I visited her class last Monday (by prearrangement) and read two stories.  Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day by Viorst and a Care Bear story of Wendy's.  I have promised to visit her class one a month.  Wendy is reading better all the time.  She thinks the math they do at school is too "easy" though.

I have talked to Wendy about writing her thank you notes for her birthday presents but I haven't had time to sit down with her while she does it.  Hopefully we can do it on Sunday.

John received his annual phone call from me this week when I called him on his birthday.

It's now Saturday and I am waiting for my soup to arrive (I'm at a restaurant) so will mail this on my way back to work.

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

* * * * *
Paragraph from the Library Staff Report -  October 5, 1984

Cathy Morgan is the new Assistant Director/Youth Services Librarian.  Cathy was formerly employed as Librarian in Madras, Oregon.

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