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1974 Roberta's Letter -Oct.18

   Oct. 18, 1974
Dear Family,

Thanks for all the letters . . . . . got one both yesterday and today from you all and one yesterday from Grandma.  I got a nice letter from Catherine today . . . . . I wish I had a Watts line to use!  Speaking of telephone calls . . . . . we haven't heard from C.W. since he went to Canada, maybe he can't use their phone like he could in Phila; and he's not a letter writer.

Today was some day at work!!!!  First of all, my alarm went off as usual at quarter of five (that sounds much better than 4:45), then I made that fatal mistake of turning it off and laying back down.  But, somehow at twenty of six I jumped up and realized what had happened.  I was down at work by just a little bit past 6:05.  (I should be there by six)  Well, the electric went off down there about eight o'clock p.m. and they had to close the place up last night . . . . so when I got there all the lights were on, the meat slicer going full steam, piles of dirty dishes, and bunches of tickets from the night before.  It was alot like last week when the register jammed up on them.

To add to all of this, I couldn't get the safe unlocked.  I kept trying the combination; which usually gives me no trouble.  I tried to get ahold of the manager to find out what had happened; but he had taken his phone off the hook--guess he was up till 2:30 this morning with the electric company getting the electric back in the restaurant.  Finally all the waitresses and myself got our money together and made up our own bank to start out with.  Before too long after that, Ben the manager called and said that combination had been changed, and he had forgotten to tell me.  Oh, did I tell you that someone stole about 60 pounds of steaks the other night.  Or at least that is when they were discovered gone.  So now all the keys were changed, etc.  They are - I think - trying to flame it off on the manager; but I don't know about that!

Also this morning the one coffee machine semi-blew up.  That was quite dramatic.  It actually broke out into flames, then steamed real bad for about an hour after that!

Dad, I'm glad you are sending me that book on old constitutional law.  I need all the help I can get.  I've never taken such a time consuming course in all my college days.  I called up Judge Douglas the other day about getting ahold of some of those court cases . . . . . prior to this I had called the County law library about their hours . . . . but of course they are only open when I'm either at school or work.  So Judge Douglas was very nice . . . . said he would see that I could use the library or something be worked out . . . . . also said to tell you hello.  I think Uncle Bill was upset that I didn't go through him, to get ahold of Judge Douglas . . . he didn't think I should have bothered him myself.  I was hoping he would have some of the cases in his own library (or whatever) but he said he didn't have any of those ancient cases.  Then the next day at school I was talking to a guy in my class who said he could get ahold of the cases through Dad County Law Library and I told him (he offered) to get me a copy of them too.

I called up the health service at school today about the insurance bill and she said she had a copy of the check that was to Miami Valley hospital.  She said to ignore the letter, that 517.00 had been paid. But that still means we owe them something more.

I had my eyes tested yesterday for glacoma--no glaucoma.  I had started getting (having) my eyes to water, etc; so went in the health service about it.  (it's free)  So they told me to come back yesterday and have my eyes tested for glaucoma.  Anyway it came out negative so that is good.  They gave me a little hand-out about it all . . . . . which said I should minimize stress and strain and not drink too much tea or coffee.  Does that sound at all familiar to anyone????  I do drink alot of tea at work . . . . . especially when I work nights.  I think I know why I've been having troubles with my eyes . . . . . too much darn reading for this political science course.

We are having the second proficiency exam and also midterm this coming Thursday.  I hope that book makes it here before then.  ha, ha.

I'm happy to hear that you all are making plans to come to Florida at Christmas.  The Hortons said not to make reservations for you all but I think it would be for the best; since there will be five of you; also since you are planning on staying for a week or so.

I had a business test Thursday; think I did pretty good; at least hope so.  I do want to do good in one course this quarter . . . . . and since I'm only taking two . . . . . my business course has to come through for me!!!

We all ate out at Bonanza Steak place tonight.  The Hortons are entertaining about eight people (all playing bridge) so Aunt Mary didn't want to cook, etc.

Grandma, it is fine that you fly into Fort Lauderdale.  I will gladly come down and get you, also I know it would be fine with the Hortons.  If you would come down on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon -- after 4:30 I could just go from school to the airport to meet you -- which wouldn't be that far.  But, do whatever works out best for all of you.

Rob started his job with the school yesterday.  Guess he is grading 4th grade achievement tests.  He seems to enjoy it and it;s a good way to make some money too.  It is just a temporary job . . . . but is suppose to last through November anyway.

Somebody must be after the hub-caps on the Buick.  A couple of weeks ago I noticed one was gone; then last week noticed that another one was gone.  I think that might have been taken down at work . . . .  at night . . . . so now I've started parking the car right near me, so I can look outside and check on it . . . . . also it's right under a bit light.

Ranch House used to give free drinks and all meals half price to all police, highway patrol, etc.  Then Delray Beach got a new Police chief and he made the rounds of all restaurants and said "NO MORE."  This was all done up in the papers, etc.  I met [meant] to save out the articles, but of course forgot too.

I better close . . . . hello to Serena and John in your next letter to them.  I owe them both letters, also Catherine.  I'll try and get out short letters to them tomorrow.  Maybe at work . . . . . unless I have another day like today!!!

Love, Berta

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