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1954 Jean's Letter -Oct.17

1954 Jean's letter to her mother -October 17
Sunday –      
Oct. 17, 1954

Dearest Mother,

The weather certainly has changed here compared to last week.  Guess we sent yo a not with Catherine's picture she drew last Thursday.

Played canasta that night with Connie Smith's club.  She entertained at the General Denver (she never knows when she may have to cancel if she plans to entertain at home).  It was real nice but I can't get excited about Canasta.  They have 12 members (3 tables) and each table played for 1 hour and then the high ones move on & that way they don't play too late.  We only got in 2 rounds.

Yesterday Catherine complained of a toothache so Dr. Hause worked her in – said she had a loose filling & fixed it up.  Afterwards we went to Hillsboro to see Uncle Harry.  He fell two weeks ago and after 3 or 4 days of agony finally let the doctor look him over.  He (doctor) wanted him to go to the hospital for x-rays – felt he had cracked a few ribs & possibly injured his collarbone.  He refused to go but is feeling quite a bit better.  We got some groceries (over $23.00 worth).  They were having a sale on hamburger so got 8 pounds and also on lamb (got 2 legs of lamb and some loin chops).  We had one of the legs today and it was delicious.

During the night or rather early this morning, Catherine again began to complain of a tooth ache.  Off and on til time for Sunday School.  We knew we'd see Dr. Hause there and he often sees patients from 11 to 12 on appointment so made arrangements to have him look at it then.  There we discovered that the wrong tooth had been refilled yesterday.  Catherine had thought she had told him the right one yesterday.

Anyhow he fixed it temporarily & wants to hear how it is tomorrow & see it on Tuesday.  It hurt alot this morning but after she got home she began to feel better & has ever since – even managed to pull the cotton filling out & I had a heck of a time getting it back in with [out] the proper dental tools – finally managed with an orange [?] stick & haven't heard a thing since & guess she has gone to sleep.

Harold is planning a two week trip beginning next Monday (25th) out to Kansas City, Oklahoma, etc. & back home by Nov. 6th.

Then about the 15th of November we may take off for Florida – hoping you will plan to go along.  Harold wants to go to New Orleans – in fact as far as Dallas, Texas –– don't know whether we will go with him or wait in Florida or what – These places are all tentative but we do hope you'll plan on joining us.

Also wish you'd keep us company while Harold is away these coming two weeks.  I have never minded it so much til the last time he went for a week & it seemed ages.  I didn't have anything good to read and the evenings really hung heavy.  This time it will be Halloween week and we'll be barraged by masked faces calling "Trick or Treat!"  How about keeping us company – we'd love to have you.

Roberta is talking more & more altho not putting words into sentences yet but she's trying hard.  She's really Dutch in her talk & Catherine is able to understand her far better than the rest of us.  She has her own words for everything.

I baked a big pumpkin pie & two little ones yesterday which I thought were very good.  Mother Uible sent down a deep apple pie so we really had the desserts this weekend and I doubt if  I've lost an ounze. onze? sp?

Harold is to go to a Republican dinner tomorrow night so we may dine on the town – perhaps at Masters – the girls think its quite a treat – I put some vegetable soup in the freezer Thursday & I think it very good but they had had it two meals & tired of it – Catherine that is; Roberta loves it like all vegetables.

All our very best love,
Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

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Mary Crowson said...

Roberta loved vegetables ALL her life.....

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