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1984 Family Letter -Oct.21

Sunday -       
Oct. 21, 1974
Dearest Family,

There are plenty of things to do today but none very enticing especially the way the weather is outside.  It is rainy and cool!  Saw on the news where Spokane had a record low of 18º - the low in the country for two straight days !  Hope the Morgans are keeping warm and not upset by the weather for the plans for their weekend.  As I recall they were going to Madras to visit so may not have even been in the area for the cold spell.

Cris and Angela are to come to visit Grandma this coming weekend arriving on Friday and leaving Monday so hope they see some pretty leaves or rather color on the hills on their way.

Roberta has called us twice and left a message on the recorder saying nothing especially new - we called her and she wasn't there but did get to talk to Sid - Roberta had taken a group of the Senior Villagers to see "Jesus Christ Superstar" with free tickets which she had been given.  They are busy getting newsletters out for the two groups - Sid's retired federal employees of AZ and the Senior Village.  They do his production jobs on both can't let up on the precedence.

Thurs or rather Friday I went to Columbus with a group and attended the combined meeting of OLA and OELMA - Ohio Library Assoc. and Ohio Educational Media Library Assoc. which had a number of authors and roundtables.  I did enjoy hearing Marjorie Sharmat, Robert Cormier, Bette Green and Jim Trelease speak.  The latter has a book - Read Aloud Handbook and was extremely interesting.  The others were authors promoting their books but giving a little background and answering questions, etc.  Charles Kuralt spoke at the banquet.  Dad came up Friday night and we staying at the new Capitol Hyatt - think we stopped there with Roberta, Serena and Wendy the day Wendy arrived.  We checked it our for R. Reagen who is to arrive there and stay tomorrow night during his stay in Columbus.

Another highlight of the trip was a long chat on the phone with son John thanks to the Park Nat. Bank hotline from Col. to Newark.  Luckily he was working Sat. am when I called.  We are planning on going to John and X's for Thanksgiving.  Grandma may leave that same weekend for Florida so we may combine trips if it works out ok.  It will seem strange not having the family here so hope X will let us do something toward the dinner or turkey or something.  The last time we weren't home was when we went to Dayton to have dinner with the Bruces - Roberta came home unexpectedly that weekend from Barnesville - Catherine was a freshman at Kalamazoo & not with us for the first time, as I recall.  So it must have been 1967.

Dad and I had a nice lunch at a mall in Upper Arlington, a beautiful suburb of Columbus - stopped to see the UA library (impressed) and drove past Dad's old girlfriend's home - she lives in UA.  VERY nice neighborhood - I couldn't convince him to stop though their front door was open but didn't see Plummy or hubby in the yard.

Got home in time to take G'ma to the annual Halloween Carnival at the school.  Had supper there and saw the parades of various ages of masked contestants.  Only one adult in that age group was willing to parade though some others wore or had been masked - one I hadn't recognized was the minister of the NV Church of Christ.

I know the mail is slow but anxious to hear about the Horton's trip to Mexico -their first Elderhostel experience.  Hope it goes well for G'ma will then decide whether she wants to aixe [??] south of the border on her next trip.

The picture that Mary Virginia had taken in Newark turned out real well and she gave us a 5x7 and a couple of wallet sized ones.  In case you had forgotten that is our request for the year & she is running ahead of schedule.  She also gave us the tests [s]he has taken in her LOGIC course and know that I'd fail it but sounds fascinating.

[Love to all, etc.]

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