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1984 Roberta's Letter -Oct.5

Friday - Oct. 5th [1984]
Dear Dad and Mom,

Hi!  I'm getting my weekly fill of 'Dallas' - it is such a waste of time - but I do enjoy it - especially the fashions - and all the plots.

Talked on the phone yesterday to John – sure sounded good.  He had just talked to Catherine.  I haven't talked to Catherine lately - or Wendy Jean!

Did talk with Ruth Shoemaker this week - I sure enjoy those bargain calls that are made before 8:00 AM!  Ruth sure sounds positive about her upcoming MOVE.  Sara's son - Jonathan - is selling magazine subscriptions through school so asked Ruth what magazine we could give her as a gift.  Helping out the grand-children – HA!

Hope to hear about your recent trip soon - when and where in the next trip.  Are you sure you all don't want to come to Arizona at Christmas?  Not too late – and you would be breaking a habit!

We don't have travel plans till 1985 – perhaps Florida for both of us in February – and then the India [Jender? Lander? Fender?, could also end in -en, may have to wait until 1985 to see where they go.]  in May.

I'm enclosing some menus from 2 of the restaurants tried in California.  Both were really VERY GOOD.  The Skinny Haven was just 2 blocks from the motel.  The Lettuce Patch is to be coming to Phoenix this winter.

Talked with Sid this evening – he will be leaving Iowa tomorrow AM – should be home by Monday night – Of course I'm looking forward to his arrival . . . .  tho I'm not looking forward to the arrival of our PHONE BILL!!

Monday is a legal holiday for county employees – but I'll be working – both aides will be off so I'll really be on the JOB!  I took my 'holiday' off this last week in San Diego – since I was gone Thursday AM - Tuesday PM without taking any vacation days.

Did I tell you I got a wool out fit while in San Diego?  I'll have to take a trip to cold country to wear it – tho often it's COLD enough here to wear wool.  Of course – it's a beautiful suit – vest & skirt.  Looking for just the right blouse for it.  Got it at a small shop in Old Town – resisted the 100% silk blouse for $72.00 they had with the suit!

Noticed today over at Metro Mall that all the big department stores had their big Christmas Departments going strong!

Oh! Speaking of stores – there is an all new - better than the others - SHOE CITY at 43rd & Peoria.  That is almost w/in walking distance!!  And would you believe I've only been there one time since it opened – the day after I went to California – and didn't buy anything!!

Ordered a new pair of glasses today at Sears.  All their frames were on sale for $19.95 - for frame only.  After you pay for lenses, plastic, tinting, etc. -- really adds up.  New glasses are very similar to what I have now.  They should be ready within the week.

Better close – so I can get this in the mail tomorrow.  Hope all A-1.

Much love, Roberta

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