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1984 Mary Uible Horton Mexico postcards -Oct.14,21,23

Colossal Olmec head. Upper Preclassic. Olmec Culture. Gulf Coast Hall. (Mexico) National Museum of Anthropology Postcard mailed 1984
1984 MUH Mexico postcard to Uibles -Oct.14
Oct. 14 – Sun. – Market Day Tapoztlan – Morellos
Hi!  Experiment in International Living (we're the 2nd group) so we are part of the experiment!!  38 in group --- all well educated & most interesting people. "Tepot" is located in the hills -- Beautiful scenic place.  Weather perfect!  A lot going on every day.  Cobble stone every where.  Tour Cathedral & convent on Mon. Lv for home-stay Wed.  Survival Spanish this A.M. [Museum of Anthropolgy:] Great!  Saw the "Head" there!  Happy Birthday H.H.!!!  Love – M&B

El Festival de Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. The Festival at Tepoztlan.  Postcard mailed 1984. Foto por Mark Turok
1984 MUH Mexico postcard to GHU -Oct.21
Oct. 21st Sun.
Dear Mother:
No way to explain this trip on a post card!!  We are staying in a large house over the owners store – w/3 maids & 5 daughters – 3, 15 & three in their 20's.  The weather super.  Sat thru a Catholic Mass, all in Spanish.  All kind of 'trspt.' problems this wk!  (Open truck).  We leave Wed. for Cuernavaca.  We've seen beautiful hills & flowers, pyramids, churches, etc.  Taking us thru Cigar Factory tomorrow.  Quite a language barrier.  Hope you are well!  Bill has a cold + 7 others – me & 3 others okay!!  Love, Mary & Bill

Detaille Colonial de la Parroquia de San Francisco. Tenancingo, Mexico.  Postcard mailed 1984. Foto: Salvador Fematt
1984 MUH Mexico postcard to GHU -Oct.23
Oct. 23 -'84 –
Dear Mother: I have been on enough dusty, cobble stoned roads to do me for a lifetime!!  Today we're going to a Health "Spa" – Mineral Hot Springs - - mud bath, etc. (we're going to see the flowers, etc.  Some say it is very pretty) Big time, Sat. Nite, our hostess took us to a Line [or Lion or Live?] dance.  2 Bands -- mostly Mexican music.  I danced some w/ a young man in our group.  Turned out Bill was a guest of honor!  He escorted one of the seven "[???]."  We were introduced to Pres. & wives from different districts, Mex.  This is a trip to remember!  Love, Mary & Bill

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