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1974 Catherine's Letter -Oct.6

Sunday evening
October 6, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Glad to get the latest news from New Vienna and all other connected points in your last letter.  As you may or may not have heard we stopped at Exeter last Tuesday on our way home from the New England Library Assoc. meeting in New Hampshire.  John was truly shocked to see us.  I have never seen such an incredulous look on this face.  I had written to tell him that we might come and the letter had arrived that day but he said that he hadn't had a chance to read it.  We saw where he lives and another boy told us that John was at crew so we found him as he was leaving there.  He seemed in good spirits generally although concerned about two papers which I took it were both to be due the latter part of this coming week.  It is rather doubtful that he will be coming to Sanford until he has the week off in November.

We have made quite a bit of visible progress on our house during the last week.  We now have all the walls of the north level up, the roof rafters on and some of the plywood nailed on to the rafters.  Next weekend we may do the same to the south level or we may shingle the other half, depending on how much we get done during this coming week. We will have an extra day next weekend due to Columbus Day Holiday the library will be closed on Monday.  The weather has been perfect this weekend with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 60's and 70's.  If we could have two more weekends like that we would be in good shape.

I hope your packages to John got through in better shape than the package we got yesterday from X's mother.  She sent us six jars of jelly which she and her sister had made and two of the jars broke making quite a mess of the package.

Do you think you might come out here for Christmas?  We got a letter from David Stone and he thinks he may be passing through Sanford about Christmas, so of course we thought it would be appropriate for you all to be here too.

We were thinking we might use your money to buy a stove-fireplace, probably a Franklin type or something similar so we would have some eat to work by in our house and also to help keep us warm even after we move in.  Would that meet with your approval?

I finished that book on Understanding the Stock Market, and I did find that there were terms I didn't know like: puts, calls, warrants, straddles, etc.  I have also found it interesting that with all the declines during the past year there have been a few things which have stayed fairly stable, e.g. Foremost-McKesson and Time, Inc.  There are probably a few others but those are the only ones I'm aware of at the moment.

We'll be waiting for your next letter!

Catherine & X

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