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1974 Roberta's Letter -Oct.12

October 12, 1974
Dear Family,

Hi!  just got done having dinner and everyone is busy watching the World Series--at least I think that is whats on.  I should be studying but I told myself I could study after I get some letters written--it should be the other way around!

I did not pass the proficiency exam--I got 21 out of 35 and you had to get 85% or 29 of them right.  But, I didn't feel too bad at all because out of about 60 people only four men passed it--and they are all cops--so they have the edge on us anyway!  I hope to be able to pass it the next time--which will be in about two weeks.

I got you alls letter--- I think the same day I mailed one to you.  How does the nes doctor seem?  I can't imagine someone living in New Vienna who has written a book!  It worked out nice for them to get the hosue that Drakes used to live in.

that is some news about Larry Martin getting married!!!  All this time living at home he should have been able to save up a bundle  HA.  How are the records selling, Mary Virginia?  Howmuch do they cost?  I'd buy one if you had been there to sing--ho, hum.

Thursday when I got your letter I also got a letter from John, and thanks Mary V. for yours.  Also we had a letter from Grandma Thursday--we really hit the jackpot!

I worked today--6:00 to 4:00---and really walked into a mess this morning.  Guess the cash register jammed up lats night about ten o'clock or so; so the night woman wasn't able to close out or nothing.  When I got there I had to get the register straightened out; then ring up all her tickets from last night, then do the paperwork from yesterday.  Before I could do anything on my own this morning.  It was almost nine o'clock A.M. before I rung up my first ticket this morning.  But everything finally got all worked out.  My manager was down there this morning taking inventory--it has to be taken every two weeks to see how we're doing budget wise.  It's unbelievable--every tea bag has to be counted!  I'm anxious to find out tomorrow how we did.  Suppose to have Sundays off-but I weakened and said I would work tomorrow night.  The night cashier is quitting--guess her husband doesn't want her to work nights anymore now that he got transferred to a day job himself.

I'm enclosing a button that a man gave me down at work.  Maybe one of you all would like to wear it.  I got one to wear myself--plan to wear it down to school; but afraid I would be fired on the spot if I wore it at work!  I will also enclose the check from Wells- thanks; but like I said before you all can keep it to help pay all the medical expenses.

I took out the major medical insurance down at school that they offer to students--like what I took out last April.  It only cost 4.00 for the entire school year so its a pretty good deal.  Last year it was only $3.50.

I have to get my hands on all these courts cases I have to read for my political science course.  The school library had them; but these crooks I go to school with ripped all the cases out of the books!  Each one of us had to pick an area of "special study." We had 5 choices given us [case names listed in letter have not been transcribed.]

Gee--didn't realize that would take me that long!!!!  At the end of the quarter we will be tested over them--can you imagine.  I don't even like to think about it. . . . . So far I just looked up one--that I was able to find.  It was the Strafford vs Wallace.  Something about the transport of meat--interstate and intrastate.  I didn't get a whole lot out of it--How to ruin a half-way decent grade-point quick!!!  Since this a requirement-- have to at least get a "C" out of it too!!!

I'm out of school the 9th of December for Christmas Break.  It's about the earliest I've ever been out. . . . and chances are I'll be done before then, as that's the day the grades have to be in by.  I don't think winter quarter starts till the 6th of January either.

Dad - we got your postcard today from Chicago.  Are you all still coming to Atlanta the end of this month?  You know C.W. is thee this weekend visiting Donna before he goes to Canada to start his new job on Tuesday.  How does Serena seem to like the new school and all?  Has she lost any weight thus far???

A big hello to Grandma----you will really get a big kick out of all the Hortons dieting--that is if they are still at it when you come down.  She has them basically on weight watchers . . . . . Rob can't believe how much he's allowed toe at.  Tonight we all had some good red snapper--I got it at the Quik Chek for 99¢ a pound--which isn't bad since the turbot cost 89¢ a pound!!!!

I better go---I'm getting tired and I do need to study a little bit this evening.  It's easy for me to forget I'm still going to school.


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