Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1984 Catherine's Letter -Sep.10

Monday, September 10, 1984
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Thanks for your call on Friday night, or rather Saturday night.  I hope the rest of your corn festival went well.

I have been enjoying my first "Monday" off, taking Wendy to the bus stop and then going to my exercise class and then on to the golf course.  Now I am home long enough to write this letter and then I'll meet Gerry downtown for lunch.  Next Monday I have an appointment to get a permanent so that my hair will be curly again.  I was afraid I wouldn't find anyplace in town that is open on Monday but I finally did.  [The job at the Moscow-Latah library was scheduled Tuesday-Saturday.]

Did you look up Riggins on the map?  It's not very far from Hat Point, at least the way the crow flies!  It is also in a different time zone from here.

I made a list of things that Wendy wants for her birthday which includes: Barbie accessories (sp?), any Rainbow Brite toys, doll clothes for her Cabbage Patch (16"), other Cabbage Patch items, a jewelry box, Care Bears and games (like Jr. Scrabble, maybe).  I will probably be shopping for her next week in Moscow during my lunch hours.  Wendy is in hopes of having a birthday party so I thought I might check with some of the local restaurants to see if we can have it there and avoid the mess and confusion at home.  Or possibly I can take cupcakes to school on the 24th.  It will be interesting to see the changes in Wendy during the next 7 years!

The busy season is over for Gerry for this year although he did work a long day on Saturday representing Jones Truck & Implement at the fair.  That was a special deal though.  Now he should only have to work half a day every other Saturday and the Saturdays he has off he and Wendy will be able to spend together.  I am in hopes of getting the neighbor girl to babysit the other Saturdays but I haven't talked to her yet.  Wendy's regular after-school babysitter would prefer not to babysit on Saturdays as her husband is home then.  At least with Wendy going to school all day now our babysitting bill will be lower than last year.

They have quite a few cassette tapes of books both here and in Moscow at the library so I have been borrowing them to listen to while I drive back and forth.  It takes me about 35 minutes to get to work in the morning and a little longer coming home as the traffic is heavier in the p.m.  I am in the middle of listening to Murder at the A.B.A. by Isaac Asimov right now.  It has eight cassettes.  The Moscow library also has a very extensive collection of records both children's and adult's [sic].  They have two record players with headphones available for listening.

It is almost time to go downtown so I better close so I can get this in the mail today.  Hope to hear from you again soon.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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