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1984 Roberta's Letter -Sep.11

September 11, 1984
Dear Mom & Dad,

This might be hard to believe – I'm both cooking and writing letters!  Since I've been back it also seems like I've turned into a Home Health Aide!  Marcia was on vacation 1st week of September, Diana came down ill so I 'worked' 4 days by myself.  Then Marcia gets back & she is ill – so it's still rather 'short-staffed' to say the least!

I've been doing lots of cooking – Sunday in a crock-pot (of Sid's)  stewed chicken 2/lots of veggies – sure was good.  Then fixed a carrot/brussel sprout casserole w/cheese – it too was good!  And lots – maybe 3 or 4 other dishes – out of W.W. cookbook – (last two mentioned also came out of W.W. cookbook) so hard to be modest about my good cooking.  Ha!  I've told Sid I'll have to cook for him – tho not all the time – when he gets back!

Cynthia flys [sic] out today – we have tentative plans to fly to London – May15, 1985!  "C" will check her school calendar – then I'll be busy making the best connection/price!

I've been thinking about going to southern California latter part of September.  Right now the best deal on air-fare is $39 each way.  Wish some special would come up!  Several hotels right near the beach are offering real good specials now through October 1st.

Bought the book FATAL VISION (In Cold Blood – style) just after we left New Vienna.  About the McDonald Family – where the husband – a young Dr. at 26 murdered his wife and 2 children back in 1970.  Finished it soon after I got back here.  Enjoyed it – tho not real relaxing reading!

Tho we never used it – I left the Richard Simmons exercise tape in the trailer.  Side sent it back – got it in yesterday's mail – used it both last nite & this AM.

The time sure went FAST while on the trip.  We sure enjoyed ever part of our tour – and we thank you for your parts!

It's now Wednesday AM – 6:30 – fixing my breakfast – lunch & dinner!  Won't be having supper till late – going over to Mesa – visit the Nursing Home Crowd – plus Stubbs.  Rich Stubbs had a bad accident on the moped bike that had been mine.  Broken leg in 2 places – stitches in head – arm all messed up.  they want to sell the bike – I'm not interested!

Fixing croquettes (sp?) out of chick peas for my supper.  Big salad w/fish in it for lunch.

We had 2 people move in yesterday – one that would rather be "6 feet under" – her famous quote & another than has less than 3 months to live – cancer – tho the family doesn't want her to know.

Jytte the Social Work Student from Penmark called last night – she will be coming over tomorrow nite w/ her daughter to swim& eat.  I'm managing to stay Busy!

Gotta Run –
I Love You All!


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