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1974 Roberta's Letter -Sep.27

September 27, 1974
Dear Dad, Mom, Mary Virginia and Grandma,

Just heard that you all called last night . . . . . sorry I missed talking to you all, but at least you got to talk to the Hortons.

I need a green card that I think I left at home.  It is about the size of an envelope and it would have my name on it along with FAU--paid 200.00.  I have to have it before I can get a library and; and beleive [sic] it or not I already have a list of reserved readings I need to get out of the library.

I might have lost it; but it might be in an envelope that says FAU on it.  If you can't find it--it's ok--I can get a duplicate; but it will cost me 5.00 so please do look for it.

I'm now only taking 9 hours--As I guess Aunt Mary already told you.  The political Science course as before and a course called Organizational Behavior.  Yesterday we discussed different definitions of work and then ways you can make work more pleasurable.  It's a good feeling only to be taking 9 hours.

Grandma we got your letter -- Thanks.  I'm glad you all made it over to see Mrs. Penn.  Did she say how long she expected to be out there?  I had a letter from Serena yesterday.  It's a shame she went up there on Tuesday and then didn't get anything done until Friday.  I'm glad I'm not taking the courses she is.

I'm enclosing some recipes out of the latest w.w. magazine*.  With just the three of you all, you should really be taking advantage of the miracle oven.  Mary Virginia . . . . are you cooking alot these days????

I stopped at K-Mart Yesterday and bought a cover for the front seat of the Buick.  It was only 4.97 . . big savings over what Sears wanted, and it is the same type of cover.  I had applied for a job at K-Mart and then they called me up saying I had the job--but it only paid 2.00 an hour without any food benefits either so . . . . . .

I really do like my job.  I will have--after today (or rather tonight) have in 55 hours this week.  So I will get a few hours of overtime in this week--but you know restaurants don't have to pay overtime until you work over 48 hours.  I get paid for every minute I'm there . . . mainly because once the day girl closes out; I am responsible for every penny.  Yesterday I was only 12¢ off.  Which is ok--also we are told if someone's bill is $6.01--just take the six--don't let them break a dollar for a penny.

If I think about it I'll bring home a menu from work to send you all.  It's kind of a medium priced place.  Hamburgers are 1.05; but 1.45 you can get a hamburger, coleslaw and french fries.  I usually eat the chopped Sirloin, along with some cole slaw and a big salad.  Also I've eaten the fish--but it's fried.

Oh, the company that owns Ranch House also owns Lums, and another chain which I can't remember the name of--but don't think that I had ever heard of it either before.

I'm completely moved back into the Hortons now.  Rob moved his desk into my room so that is quite nice.  I had some experience at 405½ S.E. 3rd Street.  I can't remember ever working so hard moving furniture and cleaning.  If I hadn't cleaned it up so; I doubt if I would have gotten all my money back.  It will be a quiet winter with Rob gone . . . . Grandma I know you are going to miss Rob's music most of all.

Do look for the green card, ok?  Say hello to everyone for me.  I think Ruth had a good time in the Sunshine State . . . we miss all of her help around--especially in the kitchen.  She never stands around useless.

Dad what did the good doc [say]

Love, Berta

- - - - -
*The magazine article from Weight Watchers October 1974 is titled Microwave: Quicker and Cooler Cooking, includes pictures and recipes for Baker Seafood Salad, Lamb Casserole Roma, Lima Bean Special, Orange 'N' Soy Fillets, Peas With Onions and Mushrooms, and Zucchini-Tomato Bake.  Anybody want a copy?

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