Friday, September 19, 2014

1974 Roberta's Letter -Sep.20

Dear Family –

Hi – Nice talking to you all this week - Ruth & I moved all the "stuff" that had been in the trunk into "the cottage."  So now my new address is 405½ S.E. 3rd Street, Delray Beach, FLA.  I'm not sure of the zip code.

I'm to start work tomorrow at 6:30 A.M.!  Which means I'll have to leave here by 6:00!  I've got my clothes all laid out!

Ruth can tell you all about the cottage I  rented.  It needs cleaned up - but the man was there today doing some cleaning & all.  It's completely furnished – the man said I could throw anything away that I didn't want but Vanessa said I best not.

You will also have to ask Ruth about Venessa & Peala's [in the last letter it looked like "Fahala"  – not sure what this person's name actually is, or how it is spelled] short visit in Florida.  They had about the worse or worst of luck!

I better get to bed now – if I have time I'll write more in the morning!

It's now 5:20 – I'm not awake enough to eat yet - so thought I'd write some more! HA!

Rob knows nothing more about the Marines – Aunt Mary is beginning to think that she should have enrolled Rob in school after all.

Rob & I went to Sears last night to get a cover for the car – except they didn't have any to fit it except for a bright red one!!  And also they were $10.00 for the cheapest one (nylon) & they charge $3.00 now to put it on.  So I'm going to try a bargain store!

We went to Uncle Bill's office yesterday – Ruth was fascinated by all the numbers coming & going on the boards.

Just got back from my first day – or rather half day at work!  Everything seems to be ok – I think I'm going to like it – except found out it will be 4 weeks until I get paid – 2 week pay period and of course I start the very day the new one starts!

Thanks for your letter – do be sure & send me Serena & John's addresses.  And don't forget my new address – zip  code is 33444.

Love, Berta

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