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1984 Roberta's Letter -Sep.21

Sept. 21, 1984
Dear Mom & Dad,

Thinking about you all out on the road – or maybe I should say out on the dance floor!  Sid will be leaving Northampton (Mass.) on Tuesday – 25th.  He hopes to get to South Bend by Thursday – 27th.  Sid sure has been busy doing both big & small jobs for Sara.

I've made plans to leave for San Diego next Thursday – 27th.  Will fly over on a morning flight – already have a rent-a-heap car rental & reservations at the Plaza Int. in El Cajon.  That's where we were gong to stay this last Christmas – remember – before the wedding plans came up.

Have called Lois Bruce & plan to see her on Sunday.  Will fly back to Phoenix on Monday – early evening so will have almost 5 complete days!  Needless to say I'm looking forward to it!

Yesterday got my hair frosted – real pleased with the results – not to much blonde!!  I'd been thinking about doing it for about 3 days – then one morning I called where I always go – and ZAP it was done that afternoon!

I', sending you a blouse identical to one I got for myself – thought it would be a good one for your grey suit, Mom.  Hope it fits – if not – send it back.

Broadway – my all-time favorite department store having a huge sale – all the summer stuff – lots & lots of great bugs!  Of course I've made a few purchases!!

Never did find anything for Wendy Jean – for her birthday.  Ended up calling Catherine – sent her a check & let her do the buying.  She mentioned cabbage patch doll sheets for her bed.

Last week went w/Sr. Village residents to see the movie – Sam's Son.  Residents really like it – "no skin" showing.  One of the better movies I've seen for awhile.

This last week went in for an eye exam – 1st time in 4 years – only cost $2.00 w/the Health Maint. Organization.  Surprisingly very little change in the old eyes.  The Dr. did suggest I get new glasses at my convenience since the pair I've been wearing are getting brittle.

Wow! Now Saturday pm –– got your 2 letters today – Thanks for the pictures!  I'll send back the Bermuda pictures – tho glad they were sent by mistake – enjoyed seeing them!

Got the house cleaned today – not that I did it!  Sr. Village is losing our cleaning gal – as stated in the newsletter Christ is leaving for Africa 1st of October for 2 year mission.  Our part-time cook Wendell wants the part-time cleaning job.  Today I tested him out – had him clean this house. (For 4.00 an hour!)  Actually did a very good job.  Think I'll give him a little bonus pay-wise!

My legs were so tired – I did do my 120 flights for C.F. and I've got a feeling I [will] feel it more tomorrow!  The last five flights were really tough!  As last year – lots of people – all ages – from handicapped children to little old lady types in tennis shoes!

I was so tired that I started to take a nap – but then I decided I'd rather be shopping – only bought a pair of long pants and 1 blouse.  Good buys – !!

Thanks again for the letters – do appreciate & enjoy letter from home!  And the pictures – it was good to have the pictures of Sid – I didn't have any of him!!

Hope you all had a great trip!  And hope you can read my writing!

Love, Roberta

PS The Red & pink blouses are closet-clean-outs – might be too big for you – if so – just recycle.

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