Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1974 Roberta's (8) penny postcard -Sep.24

Roberta spends 8¢ on a news flash!  Details and transcription follow.

Hello - Big news – my new address is my old one 1025 North B - 33460.  I'll give you more details later - but there was a problem w/ the neighbor (not the prof.).  The landlord was very nice about it all - gave me back all my $ – I had cleaned & scrubbed that place down – and he appreciated that.

Called Aunt M. last night & Rob found out for sure yesterday about the Marines.  He is to go October 7th.

I really like my job – I'm learning alot - the only food or dirty dishes I have to handle are my own.  Last night I closed the place by myself - I couldn't get the safe to lock so I had to call up the boss.  Quite dramatic – but he is very nice.

School starts today –

Love, Berta

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