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1974 Catherine's Letter -Sep.20

September 20, 1974
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia

Sorry it has been so long since I have written.  We seem to get busier here everyday.  We've been working on our house of course, one of the ladies at the library got sick right after Labor Day so we've had to work extra hours at the library to make up for that, and the library addition business gets more involved all the time (one meeting this week, two next week, etc.).

I wrote John a short letter awhile back and received a letter back from him.  He seems to be doing OK, at least according to the letter.  Did you see the Waltons where John-Boy has his first day of college?

Your helping us with the house was really a big boost.  I'm afraid otherwise we might still be mixing cement.  As it is we are almost done with the floors.  We have all the joists down and maybe 3/4 of the plywood on top of them.  Although we had lots of rain the first two weeks of September it hasn't rained at all this week.  Just hope it doesn't rain over the weekend or we really miss getting alot of work done.

Now about the washing machine.  I got a frigidaire two cycle machine, with four water temp. combinations and a spin dry cycle.  Wow, what a difference that is from the drippy stuff that used to come out of the wringer.  We also now have some clothesline strung in the basement so we're all set for the winter.  The only catch is that I didn't pay for the machine.  It's about four years old, and the person I got it from bought it two years ago from someone who was moving away.  Then her husband gave her a new matching washer and dryer.  She didn't feel that she could sell the old one since she had bought it second hand.  How could I turn an offer like that down?  I figure it still technically counts as a gift from you since I wouldn't have even thought to look around for a new washer if you hadn't given me the idea.  So, I thought if it is allright [sic] with you we will hang on to the check for awhile and if the machine gives out then we could buy a new one.  Or would you rather I tore the check up and then you could write a new one if we did end up getting a new machine.  Le me know your thoughts.

I made some yogurt with the powdered milk which you brought.  It turned out fairly well.  We have also been making good use of the thermos, the clock, etc.

I got my odometer and my flag fixed on my bicycle this morning and then rode 7 miles.  I figure if I'm going to ride down to Exeter this fall I better get in better riding condition.  I don't know that I'll be able to go but if I am I'll have to ride farther than I've ridden in quite awhile.  I got up quite a bit of speed today when a big dog came after me.

Glad to hear that Roberta made it to Florida OK.  Is she living with the Hortons?  I thought maybe you said she was going to look for an apartment?  Please send Serena's address.  Hope Mary is surviving without John.  Do I owe her a letter or does she owe me one?

Hope to hear from you all again soon.

Love, Catherine & X

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