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1984 MV Letter -Sep.14

Love Mary's musical and religious collegiate stationery in this letter written at the beginning of her junior year at Wilmington College.

September 14, 1984

Dear Mom, Dad, and Grandma,

Seeing as how I didn't call or come home this week, I decided that I should at least write a letter.  This is my new stationary [sic] that my roommate designed for me.  I thought it came out very well.

Classes have been going real well so far.  I start off the day with European History at 9:00, then go to First aid at 10:00.  I will have to work in there because I guess most people that take it get a C.  We will [be] learning First Aid and CPR, so it will be worthwhile.  I have Logic at 11:00, and when we met for the first time Wednesday, everything Earl Redding said went right over my head.   But I get the textbook and read the assignment yesterday and he made a lot more sense today.  Chamber Screamers started practicing yesterday, and I am not singing Soprano or Alto but Tenor!  I guess about 40 tried out and only 26 spots.  It is only supposed to meet 4 days/week, so on Mon., Tues., & Wednesday everybody comes, and on Thursday and Friday they have sectionals.

My US Agriculture class met today.  It meets on Mondays & Fridays 1-5 pm.  Don Chafin is the professor and he tells the most crude (and boring) stories.  I'm glad it's only twice a week.  Our textbook is put out free of charge by the govt., called 1982 Yearbook of Agriculture*.  Each class we take a different field trip, the farthest being Silver Grove, Kentucky.

I only work 6 hours a week (Tuesday's and Thursday's 7:30-10:30am) which works out well.  On Tuesday I cleaned my dorm (bathrooms and halls) and on Thursday I scrubbed showers here and in Friends, which is 9 showers (about 23 shower stalls).

They extended the revival at Port William through last Wednesday, and then we had choir practice last night, so this is my first free night since moving.

Well, I guess that's about all the news on this end.  The chamber singers tour after Thanksgiving will be to the Washington D.C. / Philadelphia / Baltimore area.  Enjoy your Michigan trip and don't forget that college students to enjoy personal mail like postcards.  Thanks for bringing the glasses and rice cakes.

Mary Virginia

* The USDA Yearbook of Agriculture began in 1894 reviewing agricultural developments over the past year but was changed to 1938 to focus on a single topic of interest to the American public, especially farmers.  The 1982 book was title Food: From Farm to Table.  The Yearbook ceased publication in 1992.

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Mary Crowson said...

I remember the stationary! In regards to the classes, I believe I dropped the US Ag class as I recall and flunked the First Aid class; I may well have flunked the logic class also as it remained over my head---the logic class was NOT logical to me! That semester helped crystallize my desire to be a musician for a career and not go to law school....

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