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1984 Family Letter -Sep.16

Sunday, September 16, 1984
Dear Family:

We have just returned from taking our new parsonage family to dinner in Leesburg.  They are a very likeable family, with four children-ages 8 and under, so had plenty of activity.  It reminds us of our family 25 years ago.  His sermon this morning was "A New Beginning."  I think the Church and the beliefs are Grandma's strengths and also account for her outlook.  The pastor's name is Creed Culbreath and his wife's name is Wendy.  They met at Asbury College.

Mary Virginia got off to College a week ago and is doing great on her weight reduction program.  We are trying to encourage her to enroll in a semester program abroad, but without too much success so far.

X and John have a new Toyota (?), which we hope will bring them to New Vienna for Christmas and/or Thanksgiving 1984.  Read in the Wall Street Journal this past week where his bank  had purchased a bank in Lancaster, Ohio.

Serena called us yesterday and starts working in a new position tomorrow in the Library at Roosevelt University.  She plans to move soon, but nothing definite at the moment.  Library school is still a possibility for 1984.  We hope to get to Chicago this fall to see her.

Roberta has been busy at Senior Village with Sid gone, but still takes time for the exercise program.  We have enjoyed listening to the tapes of Schuller's program that she left with us . . . there is a lot of "meat" to them.  She has been cooking a lot of Weight Watcher recipes.

Catherine has started her new library job in Moscow, Idaho.  Wendy was looking forward to her day in school and to her birthday next Sunday.  The rush season is now over for Gerry, so he doesn't have to put in so many extra hours.  Catherine has to work some Saturdays, but does have Mondays off as the Assistant Librarian and Children's Librarian.

By the way, Wendy, the new minister has a daughter, Kristen, who is in the first grade this year-believe her birthday is in May.  So she will be happy to have you come and visit her.  She has an older brother 9, a younger brother 3 1/2 and a baby sister.  They plan to move here next Thursday.

Sorry we have not been very good about writing letters, but wonder about the effectiveness of our carbon copy letters.  We do think of all of you often.  Grandma is doing fine and enjoyed the Bermuda trip.  She is talking of going to Mexico next summer--hope the Horton's trip there will be encouragement to her.  They are to be part of an Elderhostel trip there this next month.

[love to all, etc.]

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