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2004 France postcards -September

 2004 France Montmartre postcard HH & Jean to Uible-Kings -Sep.18
[Jean writes with red ink] Interesting group – now in South of France but haven't bought any cards here.  Much to see & do – we are staying in a Catholic Seminary here in Nimes.  Had a Chinese meal at noon today (food chosen for us but always wine as well.  [HH continues in black ink] WOW is the internet keyboard difficult here as it is really hunt & peck.  Oh yes it costs about 60¢ to use the toilet in the R.R. Sta. bought our tickets for Melan, Italy.  Gas is = to $5 a gallon.  Love, Mother & Dad

 2004 Aigues-Mortes postcard HH & Jean to Morgans written Sep.23 unmailed
[HH writes with red ink] [Aigues-Mortes] started in 1241 & finished in 1248.  Just put an elevator recently in Catholic monastery.  Spent today in Auvignon – still a walled city (did have McD) site of first bridge across the Rhone River.  Tomorrow we are on our own as we take [Jean continues in black ink] train to Milan.  Most of the rest are going back to the states.  One couple who drove to Valencia from Netherlands is taking us to the train to go to Milan.  Haven't seen any tandems single or double here.  Very congenial group

 2004 Notre-Dame postcard - written Sep. to the Uible-Kings unmailed
[Sept. 2004 undated and unmailed]
[HH writes with red ink] France has lots of these small towns – w/streets hardly wide enough for a car to drive thru.  Sid would love their bakeries – there we just point & enjoy [Jean continues in black ink] as well as ice cream.  Spent today in  big Avignon – much to see & do here.  Had guide from Denmark who had been here 20 years but knew city well.  Most of the group leave about 2AM but we don't have to go til 2PM & couple driving car is taking us to train here.

 2004 Eiffel Tower postcard from HH, Jean to Morgans -Sep.30
[postmarked 30 Sept 2004]
Your letter awaited us here in Nimes Saturday.  Thank you for your letter which was quite a surprise.  We're amazed how fast it came to Nimes.

Our hotel in Paris was within sight of the Eiffel Tower. Dad is trying to get on I-net – unsuccessful this afternoon so hopes for better luck tonite.  Nice group about36-40 people.  The woman leader knows Mary Virginia & her children.  MV led the music where she was the Director of School of Missions.

Group is from all over the USA.  One couple used to live in Madras, OR.

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