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1974 Roberta 's Letter -Sep.16

Roberta has returned to Florida in September 1974 after working at Wells in New Vienna during the summer.  From her mention of Ruth we can infer that Ruth Shoemaker has traveled to Florida with her.  Transcription follows.

September 16, 1974
Dear Family,

Hello!  Am really proud of myself as I got up early this morning and really got things accomplished!!!!  I bought a paper and headed down South to Delray Beach--where you can call all around with just a dime-- as to finding an apartment in or around Boca Raton.  Bit I did find a cottage in Delray Beach--Southern part of it.  I went around to see it, and its pretty nice for the price.  It's a combination living room and bedroom (large) and then a kitchen and bathroom (small).  It sets back off the street between two houses and has a drive where I could park the car.  Now for the price--- it is 135 dollars which covers all.  Oh, it has air conditioning --has two twin beds--is furnished.  Not luxiously [sic], but adequate.  It is two blocks off of U.S. 1--going West.  I am to tell the woman by tomorrow night if I want it or not.  I think I do--as I could not find anything in my price range to even go and look at.

It is now four fifteen A.M. Tuesday morning--we re all up--as Rob is to go to Miami today for a walk-in physical, just to see if anything drastic has happened to him since his last physical.  And believe it or not Aunt Mary is up flying around.  She told me to throw that in!  We are going down just for the drive.  Guess we are to take the turnpike down and then come back A1A.

Yesterday I also found myself a job.  I did go to Pompano and check out the Burdines store, but decided I didn't want it--one thing they would only guarantee 12 hours a week--I was afraid that would be in three four hour shifts which would not be worth the drive down.  Even for a full shift it is a long drive from Delray Beach to Pompano.  So then I went back to Boca Raton and started knocking on doors filling out applications.  I didn't have any luck whatsoever-most places said to come back about the end of October, that they were working their regular people fewer hours than usual, etc.

Finally in Delray Beach, I stopped at a Ranch House Restaurant, where I found the job.  After filling out the application and talking to the manager, I started walking out the door--He said he would call up my references--and then he called me back and wanted to know when I could start.  So I'm starting this Saturday.  Get this: I'm to be the cashier, I'll either be working four days or four nights, and during that time I will be responsible for the money that goes in the register.  I get 2.40 an hour plus meals.  I think it will be a pretty nice place to work.   They have charcoal broiled hamburgers, steaks, etc.  Also chef salads, toss salads, etc.  They also are supposed to have good cheese cake but I'm not planning on trying it.  I can wear dresses or pants.  Oh, I asked the guy about my meals if they were included and he said yes, but he doubted if I ate too much too look at me.  I bet they will be having to buy more lettuce than before!!!!!  Also the place is only 2.1 miles away from the cottage I looked at.

I called the woman up tonight and told her I wanted the cottage and she said that it might have already been rented to a couple that her husband had showed the place to yesterday afternoon.  So now I don't know.  She is to call me back to let me know for sure.

It's now almost eight o'clock Tuesday night.  We had a good trip to Miami and came back all the way on A1A.  Ruth couldn't believe it all!  At Fort Lauderdale we stopped at Pier 66 and took the glass evaluator [elevator?] to the top.  I read about it in the Mobile Tour Guide book.  Aunt Mary really enjoyed that--it was the first time she had ever been up there.

 Guess who stopped in tonight about six o'clock when we were getting ready to eat??  Vanessa and Fayala.  They had just made it down to Florida.  I guess they had some kind of trip down.  They said they thought about us driving down in comfort in the Buick.  They didn't stay too long.  I told them we would be away tomorrow but I guess they are to call or come over on Thursday.

We all went to Palm Beach yesterday.  We went in the Breakers and all.  Also the Church where John Kennedy went to Mass.  Ruth has used up a roll of film already.

Tomorrow we are planning on going up to see Mickey. (Mouse)  Rob, Aunt Mary and Ruth and I.  We are planning on getting Ruth a wheel-chair and between Rob and I push it.

Well, I'm going to sign off for now and run this down to the post office so hopefully you all will get it before Saturday . . . . . Ruth is having a great time.  Her and Rob are a pair.  Rob isn't working so he is free to come and go.  He got along fine today with his physical, and should find out soon when he is to leave.

A big hello to Grandma.  The grapes and pears made it down fine.  We've all enjoyed eating them.  Also the tomotoes [sic] and beets.  We've yet to have the cabbage.

Thought about you all taking Serena to school today.  What is her address, also John's???  By the way--the Hortons never got Serena's letter telling them that Ruth was coming--maybe they will get it before Ruth leaves.  HA.

Tell the women down at the shop hello for me.  Tell them I think of them at 7:00 A.M. . . . .  but best memories at 10:00 and 4100 [1400 --2pm?] . . . . . ha, ha.

Love, Berta

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