Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oops! Preview of 2012

Those of you subscribing to the blog by email or RSS feeder, recently got a preview of a 2012 post that I neglected to schedule on the correct date in 2012.  Please excuse the error and you can look forward to reading it again on January 7.

My current plan for the blog in 2012, is to revisit years ending in "2", primarily 2002, but also:

  • 1872 family history
  • 1892 Grandma was born
  • 1912 Grandma and Granddad's wedding 
  • 1922 Mom was born
  • 1932 Kyong Ho Kim was born
  • 1942 Dad started senior year in high school
  • 1952 still looking for the "big" news of that year, maybe Roberta turns one.
  • 1962 a big year with Grandma and Granddad's 50th Anniversary, and the family trip west
  • 1972 MV in 2nd grade
  • 1982 MV graduates, Grandma turns 90
  • 1992 Ginny born, Grandma turns 100

Stay tuned for more old news!  Feel free to send me anything special you can remember or have in your possession dealing with those years.

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