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December 7, 1989-99

Tax School

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - Tax School in Chillicothe.  Nice day.  Had cider and apples for afternoon break.

Friday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] More Tax School, Janet Achor drove.  Roberta brought Mother an elephant, she keeps asking what kind of noise they make.  Jean and Roberta met John at 71 and 68 as he and Stu were returning from Louisville on bank business.  Then John took van back to help him move.

Saturday 1991 - Got both the yearly Wilmington College report and the School of Law, CWRU 1892-1992, 11 students that first year, now 200+.

Tuesday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] The Hortons seem to be having "hang over" from their trip here.  Surprised to get a box of fruit from Church and Kelly (Walker) Ely [GG's daughter], for helping them on their house purchase.

Wednesday 1994 - Lions Club meeting at Senior Citizens, $8  a person, 30 present.  EC Chorus sang.  Harners cam up afterwards and took the "Back Stretcher" [?] home with them, has 37 of our blue 2½ balls in it.

Saturday 1996 - Got Christmas letter typed.  Nice day out, worked in the yard.  Did do a 709 return on the computer, an an experiment.

Sunday 1997 - Went to Samuel Walker's for lunch, talked there with Bud McConnell, he is going to have knee surgery.  Had SS lesson, whole book of Romans, had the 8 chapters this last 3 months, the rest of Romans for the next 3 months.  Spent some time at the Book Store.  LeAnne Potts in there, got Time Magazine for article on Wilmington, $2.95.  Then to Lowe's, sold out of regular sleds.  Miles Barrere is working there.  Penny Blackburn's parents [Heber and Jane Selph Fauber] having 50th Anniversary at NV Senior Citizens.  The last of 12 meetings at the Church on the Study of our talents.  Rankins were telling me that Leah (she will be 16 in 2/98) is 14 years younger than her next brother, and he is 7 years younger that his next brother.

Monday 1998 - Jean had Mothers Club meeting at Terrace Lounge in WCH, she took Leona Wolfe (she has problems) and Virginia Hildebrant.  Went to Administrative Board Meeting, acted as Secretary.  No Christmas Cards today.  Had Gary Kersey here to put value on lots across the street.  Gary commented about Walter Schutt.

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