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December 12, 1989-99

Christian's lung problems

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1990 - Got the Christmas letter together and wrote a few.  32oz bubbles going better.  Another nice day.

Thursday 1991 - Have runny nose today and some temperature, there is some flu around.  Jean and Sadie took GHU to Hillsboro Hospital as an outpatient.  GG and others went to Tax School in Chillicothe.

Saturday 1992 - Mother in great spirits today.  We went to Micro Mall and bought computer table and stand, they were out of the hutch.  Had supper at Grand Finale, I had the Cyst.... Salad for $8.95.  More than I wanted to eat.

Sunday 1993 - [Ginny visiting]

Monday 1994 - [Kentucky to home] Had lunch at Boston Chicken, got gas for 101.9¢ in Blanchester at UDF.  Jean had Twig meeting at Virginia Hildebrant's.

Tuesday 1995 - UMW meeting at Joanne Gruber's.  Morgans sent us a nice floral piece for the table.

Thursday 1996 - Found Aleda Purtee's will -- can't get over how she saved everything.  Had Probate Court meeting on fee structure for trusts.  We went to ⃞ dance, GG and Annie to Tax School.

Friday 1997 - [Kentucky] Since baby [Christian] is having lung problems they have taken him to Lexington University Hospital.  They [Crowsons] are staying at the Ronald McDonald house, quite nice and only $7/night.

Saturday 1998 - Helped decorate the stair railing at UMC, got the computer back, now 233mh.  Met Sankers at 5pm at Samuel Walkers.  Tony Samchi [?] is Maitre D'.  Had pecan chicken, $10.95.  Pork Chops were $11.95.  Pat Boone show was at 8, with his 3 daughters and 9 grandchildren.  Full house.  Talked with CJ, Ann, and Dorothy Moore (their mother was with them).  Gas was 87.9¢ in Wilmington.

Sunday 1999 - Surprise 50th Anniversary party for Ralph and Opal.  Tried CD-ROM in computer.  Wet rain today.  Read in Ohio Magazine about Highland Nature Sanctuary with Hermitage BOB. 3 miles past Rainsboro, right on Cave Road.  [According to the website this is the region once known as Seven Caves.]

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