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December 9, 1989-99

Ginny angelic or loud

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Spent another night with GHU.  Jean came down and gave her a bath.  Called MUH.  Bill had had his eye removed.

Sunday 1990 - [Roberta visiting]

Monday 1991 - Bought new Zenith TV at Nolan's $369.

Wednesday 1992 - Wells Christmas party at NV Senior Citizens.  The gals did a great job.  Had all the gifts in identical boxes, then the # on the bottom of your cup told you which box.  Mother sleepy, but still drinking her 2 glasses of milk.

Thursday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Ginny really enjoys going for a walk in her stroller.  Jean took her out to Ed and Grace Fite to see their cat and dogs.  Marg Sullivan in the hospital from heart attack.

Friday 1994 - [to Kentucky] Drove to Somerset, the Crowsons had open house, seemed like a large turnout.  Ginny can be so angelic or she can really use her lungs.

Saturday 1995 - [to Kentucky] Drove to Somerset, lunch at Boston Chicken, they had a public offering at $34.50 (a P.E. of 59).  We went out to eat at this house, we were the only ones there.

Monday 1996 - Skiff of snow.  MO up 5+ to 114 and three years ago it was low 50s.

Wednesday 1998 - Wells lunch at Senior Center.  Drew door prizes, then each successive winner could elect to take one of the previous prizes which no one did.  First prize was poinsettia with a hidden $25 which was told at the end.  Jean went to Womens Club at the Woods.

Thursday 1999 - [to Cincinnati] Jeanne S. had invited Jean to luncheon at the Hyde Park Country Club, a symphony benefit.  I went to Batavia to wind up Martha Brewer estate.  Left Sankers at 4 and had supper at Rookwood Pottery, on to the Westin, room 835, they have a new bed deal, 5 pillows on bed, plus a fluffy cover.  Had used Priceline at $100, but final bill was $89 + tax of $9.35.  Their garage was $15 but parked on street for $6.50.

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