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December 5, 1989-99

Dec. 5, 1989-99, 2006 Great-grandson KC born

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - Big article in WNJ about grocery closing in Lees Creek after 117 years.

Wednesday 1990 - [Roberta arrives] Left about 3 for Dayton as Roberta was flying in.  Stop in Xenia for Jean to get material, visited several stores, then on to Dayton, another material store and then to Kitty's a restaurant [name changed to Thomato's then Mediterra which closed in 2003, 3 restaurants listed at that address now: Gallery Grille, Smitty's, and Swisher's Too]  in Citizen Federal Centre [building now called PNC Center], but Serena had called saying plane was late so went to Sears, got new pair of dress boots for wet weather then to P.L. where I got a library card.

Saturday 1992 - UMC Church Bazaar, everything [food] 85¢, drinks 30¢.  Frank Young house, next to paint building sold by Kersey Realty at auction for $26,500 - or tax duplicate [?] at $15,000.  Got Christmas letter typed on the computer.

Sunday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Typed Christmas letter, returned last of pans to the folks who had brought food to us.  63 at SS and 89 at Church.  Called Catherine, Wendy may be coming home [from her exchange student time].

Tuesday 1995 - Had Zurface appraisal, took Henry Edwards to the dentist.  Called John, they had been to Columbus to see a MD.  He said that Roberta was in an accident yesterday, she didn't mention it in phone call today.

Saturday 1998 -  Cleaned up yard.  Joe Hiestand was here, brought box of candy (had done free legal service in 1997).  Helped decorate the SS room.  Had to get new battery for '95 Honda, 7-year guarantee.

Sunday 1999 - [to Newark] Drove to Newark in PM, got there about 4.  Went out for supper at Bunky's [opened 1998, closed 2001] at 1650 W. Church St. in what used to be a grocery.  They have a mini-brewery there.  I had [illegible] which was really too spicy.  The rolls were good.  Kate was glued to the TV going on.  She had to be at the Church at 6pm for practice.  The program started at 7:30.  Kate sang in a chorus.  We were the first ones to use their guest room in the basement, very comfortable.

[Tuesday 2006 - Great-Grandson Kenneth Charles "KC" Counts born to Wendy and Ken.]

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