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December 28, 1989-99

Dec. 28, 1989-99 LuAnn plate

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [Phoenix] Had Luby's $3.59 LuAnn plate.  Got undershirts at Buy S/W  for $, originally $8.  Sid demonstrated hydraulic lift on Grandma.

Friday 1990 - Walkers leave for Florida. MV comes home for overnight as Don goes to Nashville.  Joyce got all excited about Mother's blood pressure, turned out the unit was haywire.  Watson sworn in as new County Commissioner.

Saturday 1991 - MV came, snow all gone, up in the 50s.

Monday 1992 - [Danville OH with the Baileys] To Holmes County.  Berlin, Heini's Cheese -- oh the samples we tried.  Big crowd at Walnut Creek Restaurant, nice librarian, Mrs. Butler (County Road 444) who takes in roomers.  [Lists her phone # which I won't repeat here.]  We ate in Sugar Creek, lots of quilts for sale.  Back through Charm and Millersburg, where we visited the P.L. and also the "M" Hotel, out to Inn at Honey Run, very nice.  Had reserved dinner at the B&B, $18 each + 15% tip, very nice, but too much food.  Very congenial group, especially Jerry and Julie D., a minister with Church of God trying to get a church going in Westerville.

Tuesday 1993 - We went to Dayton to file papers in the Ismer [Irma Mae?] Smith Estate, also Helen Drake Estate.  Had supper at Waynesville.  Got gas en route to Dayton on Rt. 35 for 89¢.

Wednesday 1994 - [Phoenix] Got wool blend socks at Last Chance (Nordstorms) for 97¢.  Got brown pants at Broadway for $29.  LuAnn Plate [at Luby's] is now $4.25.  Roberta had coupons for Luby's, 2nd meal is no charge.  We had ice cream at Golden S..., more coupons.

Thursday 1995 - What a day at the office, between writing up the Moore estate and opening the Pauline Anderson and [Kenneth?] Johnson Estates.  Made medical appointment for last of February for our annual physical.  Can play Silent Night on the piano pretty well.

Saturday 1996 - [Las Vegas with Wendy and Petra] Took cab to Stratosphere Hotel, the gals took the ride for $9 each.  Had lunch there, then cab to Treasure Island, boats out front.  Saw the volcano blow up in front of the Mirage.  Nice to see the Roman figures come to life in the Caesars Palace mall.  Walked back to the Luxor.

Sunday 1997 - [Kentucky]  Jean stayed with Christian while rest of us went to SS and Church.  We had carry-out supper from Casa Grande.  Went to movie, Titanic, 194 minutes, great filming.  $3.50 for Seniors, $6 for others.

Monday 1998 - Made reservations at the CVG Holiday Inn for 3/8 and 4/8 for $94.50 [trip to Portugal and Spain].

Tuesday 1999 - Had email from Serena that she was leaving D. M.... and would be home tomorrow evening.  A real winter day.

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