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December 18, 1989-99

One week

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Phoenix]

Tuesday 1990 - More rain, we went to Wilmington, had lunch at Chinese Restaurant. County adopts 1991 budget. Hard to get GHU to say anything, though her appetite remains good. DP&L has footers in for new building.

Wednesday 1991 - Had Wells Christmas party at NV Senior Citizens, had 12 door prizes. Sankers called up about going to Nashville. Got "E" [Elderhostel] in between International Catalog.

Friday 1992 - Jean went to CMH for talk about diet re diabetes.

Saturday 1993 - [Ginny visiting]

Sunday 1994 - Ed Johnson in sermon: a young child's problems bothers your sleep, an older child's problems bothers your life.

Monday 1995 - Jean went to Dr. Kerr, ate at Bob Evans. Dale Cahill and Grace Stewart were there. Made a stop at Zurface. GG working on winding up Warren Moore Estate.

Wednesday 1996 - [to Kentucky] Planned on going to see the Crowsons. Left at 11am. Had lunch at Cracker Barrel at Turfway Exit. Ginny was in program at Church, then usual Wed. PM Service, $3 a person, $10 family.

Thursday 1997 - [to Kentucky] Went to Bar Program in Cincy, then on to Somerset.

Friday 1998 - Went out to Hendersons and got Christmas tree. David did it ($25) and narrowed the end with his gas saw, still hard to cut it down, tree really too big for our holder and not straight. Moral: Never buy a tree in the dark.

Saturday 1999 - [to Kentucky] Left for Somerset, had lunch at Pazzio's Fast Italian food. [There is a Pazzo's Pizza in Lexington, or possibly this could be Fazoli's, of which there are several.] Staying at Comfort Inn, Room 217 for $50.

[A receipt from Samuel Walker's is attached on this page, dated 12/20/98, but not enough room for it on 12/20, will include the info from receipt on 12/20 though.]

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