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December 19, 1989-99

Ginny recites Night Before Christmas

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [Phoenix] DP&L Bill $57.08, 713kwh, 1996 Bill $65.24 for 679kwh

Wednesday 1990 - Had Ed Johnson, our pastor, over for supper.

Thursday 1991 - Went to Dr. McMullen, each had our teeth cleaned for $48 each.  Ate at chili place in Wilmington.  Broadmoor [in Colorado] and Maisonette again get 5-star rating.  [See May 16, 1996 blog entry for other info on Maisonette, which received 5-star rating for 41 consecutive years.  Didn't help them keep the doors open indefinitely though.]

Saturday 1992 - Bob Hodson spoke at Men's Prayer Breakfast.  Spoke on our great creator, the many parts of our hands, bones, muscles, about the ______. [indecipherable --  looks like "Turner few" could also be + urner fine (or fire) -- at a loss to interpret]  Ate at Pizza Hut in Hillsboro, then ⃞ dancing, won the split the pot.

Sunday 1993 - [to Kentucky with Ginny] We met the Crowsons at London KY for lunch at 3pm.  I went with Don to Pleasant View, while Jean and Ginny went with MV to Somerset.  Gas in Williamsburg was 67.9¢ [this is tied with 2/15/99 in Georgia for the lowest gas price noted between 1989-99].

Tuesday 1995 - Electricity off at Wells for about 2 hours, lots of ice on trees, our corner tree fell over.  Jean had twig meeting in Wilmington.

Thursday 1996 - [Kentucky to home] Took Ginny to school, then to Candy (the babysitter), out past Oakwood Baptist Church.  Ate at Boone Tavern, service rather spasmodic and dirty plates did not move too fast.  Bought two games at Toy Shop on Short Street [in Berea].  Had supper at McDonalds in Blanchester, has been open four years.  Card from Gertrude Waits [1905-2003], she is 91.  The Crowsons have a dog, Samantha, who loves to upset water and food bowl.  Got haircut in Somerset, $6.

Friday 1997 - [Kentucky] Got haircut in Somerset, now $7.  Getting acquainted with the Library staff.  It seems that Rudy and Susan Garrett are over at the [Crowson] house every evening.

Saturday 1998 - Choir potluck at Marty Gillespie.  40° temperature and on the damp side.  Janet Stricker having problems.  Ginny called up, recited from memory The Night Before Christmas.

Sunday 1999 - [Kentucky] Special choir music at Somerset UMC.

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