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December 24, 1989-99

Christmas Eve

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - [Phoenix]

Monday 1990 - First skiff of snow and down to 9 degrees.  Christmas Eve service at 11pm at UMC.

Tuesday 1991 - Ate at NV Restaurant at noon, used our first coupon out of '92 book, entree and 2 side dishes are $3.95.  Service for Roy Frump's wife.  Three of the Scheller Family killed in Clinton County plane accident.

Thursday 1992 - [Kentucky] We ran some errands, borrowed a table from the Church, and then went to the Crowsons house.  After three calls to Roberta got through.

Friday 1993 - [Kentucky] MV and I left at 4:30 for the two Christmas Eve services at 6pm and 11pm.  In between Sue Van Hook invited us out to her house (her Mother is a real talker).  Norman Vincent Peale passed away [1898-1993].  He was at Marble Collegiate Church from 1932-1984, known as the Champion of Positive Thinking (Power of Positive Thinking).

Saturday 1994 - [Phoenix] Went to 7:30 service at Roberta's church.

Sunday 1995 - Jean had SS lesson on John 13.  Evening service at 11pm, about 80 people there.  Choir had the program, "Where love leads."  Easy to get confused as several songs had turn backs.

Tuesday 1996 - [to Phoenix] Went out to see Betty Terrell.  Leave at 8:30 pm for Phoenix.  Left car at Holiday Inn South.  Catherine & Gerry met us in their new Pontiac [which we gave to Gerry's brother in 2002 and bought our current Pontiac].  Staying with the Kings.

Wednesday 1997 - [Kentucky]

Thursday 1998 - John, Julie and Kate arrived about 3pm.  Cleaned out some of the old computer records at Wells.  Christmas Eve program at the Church.  Turned the lights up and down to coincide with the activities.  Nice crowd.  Heather and Harold [?] Weatherington had skit about getting ready for Christmas.  Kate seemed to enjoy it.  Serena surprised  us in arriving about 8pm.  She has quit J. Crew.  The Bartels gave us a corn set up, not too practical as far as space.

Friday 1999 - [Nashville TN to KY with Ginny] Took Jean and Ginny to Opryland Hotel and then drove back to our motel for parking.  Ginny got lost but security found her.  We were on our way an hour late.  Had lunch at Billy's O.K. Cooking in Columbia KY, (a Rudy Garrett special).  It was real country cooking.  We went to 7pm Church service, then we babysat so Mary and Don could go to the 11pm service.

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