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December 31, 1988-99

End to Beginning

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1988 - Left home at 12:15 and rode bike to Greenfield non-stop, visited with Gene Drake in hospital. He is unique. Roberta called, MV came from Asbury to sing at Jackson Center tomorrow am. We stayed home, looked at book on China. Leesburg B&L, net worth $2,501,549. Total assets, $23,642,285.

Sunday 1989 - [Phoenix] Went to Trinity Bible, visited "Gingerbread House" [at Glencroft] with Morgans.

Monday 1990 - Jean feeling better, sorting through old Christmas cards. Had Margaret Ross real estate closing in Hillsboro.

Tuesday 1991 - Cris and Angela called us from Huntington, they stayed overnight at a Hillsboro motel. We met them at Heartland, then ate at Frisch's. Squared dance in Wilmington, 11 squares.

Thursday 1992 - We all went to Wilmington, they saw Ruth, then to the Dutch Restaurant in Waynesville, most entrees $6.95. Gas in Xenia at 99.9¢. then to Clifton to see the lights and Young's Dairy Bar, single dip $1.10.

Friday 1993 - Went square dancing in Hillsboro. Wendy is looking for a job.

Saturday 1994 - [Phoenix to home] Had trouble finding car key, it was in my hat, and what a relief when I took it off. We took John, Julie and Kate to the airport, then the Kings met us and drove us around the Biltmore Estates. The hotel opened in February 1929. We walked around the hotel and the restaurant, entrees $22+. Jean not feeling too peppy, we had the sampler and a cup of soup at Boston Chicken, $5.03. Brought home new cashmere sport coat that I got at Broadway.

Sunday 1995 - Had Sunday School lesson, John 14. Went square dancing in Wilmington, $6 each, including supper at 10pm. Met the Dudleys from Lake Choctaw. Jean Hender [or Hinsler?] in Christ Hospital with pneumonia. Orville Fields friend seems real nice, she is 61. What a fog tonight. Also Grant Boris, lives near Faubers.

Tuesday 1996 - [Phoenix] Went to Scottsdale, visited gallery where Joe Horton has paintings, then to circus, cute dog tricks.

Wednesday 1997 - We stayed home. Nice program on TV at Cincinnati Music Hall. We got a towel from Joe Horton. Moscow's 800th birthday.

Thursday 1998 - Skiff of snow this AM. Feeding the cats this week while the Bartels are gone. Article in WNJ about NV paying Collins for his unused vacation and such.

Friday 1999 - [Boris] Yeltsin resigns, [first President of Russian Federation, 1991-1999].

[Happy New Year!]

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