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December 26, 1989-99

Day After

 HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [Phoenix] MV's friend, Don, arrived. Serena treated us at Hunan Garden.

Wednesday 1990 - [Dayton to home] Drove to the mall then to PharMor, bought an adding machine. Then to Sam's Wholesale Club, got new phone answering unit. Then to Peasant Stock [no current info, apparently closed] at the Mall for lunch. Went to Sparrow House to visit Gertrude Waits and Helen Drake.

Saturday 1992 - Put the Automat [Auto route] software on the computer, did print out an itinerary for GG from NV to Naples FL. Trying out the bread machine for the first time. On the piano finally getting the location of the keys without looking.

Sunday 1993 - [Kentucky to home] Went to SS at Williamsburg, just Nancy and Viola and me there. Locked keys in the car. We ate at the Holiday Inn, $4.95 buffet, very ordinary. We left about 3pm and visited with the Sankers after having a snack at Remington Road House at 5-Mile Road and Beechmont. [Now an Outback Steakhouse at that address, 7731 5-Mile Road.]  Found out from the police that Dave Stricker was sleeping in the paint building.

Monday 1994 - [Phoenix]

Tuesday 1995 - John and Julie, MV and Don and the two girls took Ruth Shoemaker out to lunch. The Walkers left for Florida. Sent in our deposit for the Australia trip next November.

Thursday 1996 - [Phoenix]

Friday 1997 - [Kentucky]

Saturday 1998 - Got three Christmas cards -- the Melvin Longs, Louise Robinson and Young Ho Kim. Had fire in the fire place, Ginny likes to pick up sticks. Terry and her husband from Urbana with 14-month-old who just started walking this week [assume these are the Urbana friends of MV].... Don had to go to store to buy shirt and pants because he forgot to bring change of clothes so guess it is not just us middle-age folks that can be forgetful.

Sunday 1999 - [Kentucky] Sunday School and Church. Ginny stayed overnight with us but forgot to put blouse in for her dress so she wore her pajama top. Ate at Mexican place for lunch. Got new Timberland boots at Somerset mall, $79.

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