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December 14, 1989-99

Christian still in hospital

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [ Phoenix]

Saturday 1991 - [to Kentucky] First time out for me in 2 days, chills, etc.  Had lunch at exit 126 at Cracker Barrel, then to Crowsons.  MV doesn't seem to want to eat out, but she does very well in feeding us.  Took them one of our home grown Christmas trees in the Honda.  Surprised to learn they had traded off their Honda for a new Ford Pickup.  We went to the Christmas program at the Baptist church.  They had a 30' Christmas tree, pre-fab though beautiful with 9 layers for people to stand, they were only visible from their make-up, said to cost $1800.

Tuesday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] UMW meeting at the Hannahs, they had a "house shower" for Clara Sears, who is moving into Apple Tree Apts.

Wednesday 1994 - Getting a lot of static from the children of Mary Ruth Young, such bickering.  Unloaded the new above ground tank at Wells.  Article in WNJ about the need of a 3-county jail.

Thursday 1995 - Jean went to Dr. Kerr.  Ate at Denver House, Chicken Sandwich was $4.99 with pasta.  The DS was there with 2 ministers.

Saturday 1996 - Sankers came about 1pm and we went to the Open Houses in Wilmington.  Two on Fawn Lake Dr, one was Bob and Kathy Lundquist's daughter.  Lundquist's now live near Mt. Gilead and go to Naples in the winter.  Helen Cast's condo at Cape May was on the tour as well as Dr. G's house.  The place on S. South was really a painter's gallery.

Sunday 1997 - [Kentucky] We took Ginny to Lexington to see her parents and Christian, quite a scrub down to see Christian.  Ginny had quite a tantrum in leaving her parents.  We had supper at Rap....  The Ronald McDonald House is quite impressive.  Cecil Puckett passed away at 71, they had just moved to Wilmington this past spring.

Monday 1998 - Got Barnes and Noble on the internet plus Amazon.

Tuesday 1999 - UMW pot luck at Joanne Gruber's.  G. Hannah is new president.

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