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December 23, 1989-99

Where are those things?

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - [Phoenix] Went to Flea Market with Roberta.  She has more enthusiasm than the rest of us for that.  Serena arrived.  Parking 75¢ for 1/2 hour.  Terminal 4 under construction.

Sunday 1990 - 53 at Sunday School and 100 at Church.  Mother didn't wake up until 11am, but then was in a great mood, pretty talkative.  Mrs. Moore and Margaret came to visit.

Wednesday 1992 - [to Kentucky] Took Honda to Beechmont Honda for service.  Met Serena and we had brunch at Bob Evans, then met the Crowsons in Lexington.  MV went to Somerset and the four of us went to Williamsburg.

Thursday 1993 - [Asheville NC to KY] Very quiet at the hotel, they thought the snow was so bad the help stayed at the hotel.  Left about 9am for the Zooks.  Mary still having back trouble, they both do volunteer work.  He has been retired 5 years.  Bought child's rocking chair for Ginny, $89.  Drove back to Crowsons.

Friday 1994 - [Phoenix]

Saturday 1995 - Moved the word processor into the back corner bed room and took the baby bed down.  In PM went to Wilmington.  Mrs. Hadley signed some papers.  Saw Margaret Drake and Frank D. [looks like Darc?] in CMH.  Ate at Bob Evans, saw Tom and Orvaline [?].  Tom's been retired 1½ years.  Got vegetable plate for $5.19.  Saw Ruth Shoemaker, she has too many problems to go to Phoenix, as Roberta suggested.

Tuesday 1997 - [Kentucky]

Wednesday 1998 - Joe Woods was in re: Simmons Estate.  From office staff got $ in Bob Evans Coupons and multicolored pullover sweater.  Up until 11 trying to find things bought in past year, but can't locate now.

Thursday 1999 - [Gulf Shores AL to Nashville TN with Ginny] Long day in driving to Nashville.  At visitors center got rate of $69 for Inn at Opryland.  Had supper at Capt. D.  Ginny always enjoys the pool.

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