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November 25, 1989-99

Happy Thanksgiving

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Cleaned out our ducts to the clothes dryer.  GHU fell in her bathroom and Lifeline called us.  Took some dirt away from her sewer line trench.  Called MV, she has the flu.

Monday 1991 - [Santa Fe NM to Phoenix] Visited Joe's Santa Fe gallery, Jameson, though Joe has quite a time collecting on his paintings.  Lunch at the Shul [?], oh what a HOT meal.  Flew to Phoenix and got an Alamo Rental Car, $89 for the week, then to Westcourt Hotel ($39), #353.  Supper with family at Black Eyed Pea at 35th & Peoria [that location now Eyeglass World]. 

Wednesday 1992 - John and Julie came. The Crowsons arrived 11/26 at 1:30am.

Thursday 1993 - [Thanksgiving, to Newark] We drove to Newark for a big dinner with John and Julie.  Serena did join us.  We stayed at Mrs. Bogg's house.  MV and Don were the guests of John and Julie and the new Cherry Valley Lodge. 

Friday 1994 - Cleaned out the pipe from the dryer, also finished cutting the grass back along the walk. 

Saturday 1995 - [Lake Worth Florida] We walked along the west edge of Lake Worth, up to Palm Beach where we had lunch at Charlie Crab [? - can't find a restaurant with that name in PB], gal there modeling clothes.  Later went to the beach, water better than the air.  Mary said Cris and Angela have started their new house.  Mary sure loves football. 

Monday 1996 - Had Vision 2000 meeting at church.

Tuesday 1997 - They are patching our street where they put down the new water main.  Working on comparable value for Zurface.

Wednesday 1998 - [Phoenix] Went to Last Chance, 19th St. & Camelback, got red belt and blue shirt.  Met the folks at the Gallery Cafe at the School of Culinary Arts at 2233 West Dunlap.  $7.50 each [now $12 for lunch, we ate there 11/16/11].

Thursday 1999 - [Thanksgiving, Crowsons visiting]  MV had prepared an egg casserole for breakfast, complete with real maple syrup.  Had a great dinner.  John and Julie left about 3:30 as Ashcrafts were having a get together this evening and John works tomorrow.  We walked over to the school playground, what a raw wind.  Email from Catherine that they have reservations for that new [Kartchner] Cavern tour on 1/28 at 10:20am.

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