Friday, November 18, 2011

November 19, 1989-99

Drive to Las Vegas from Phoenix

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - 25 years ago I-71 was opened between Cincinnati and Columbus.

Monday 1990 - Zoning hearing by the County Commissioners. A filling at the dentist. Electric clothes dryer hooked up at GHU's.

Tuesday 1991 - [Mo-Ranch, Humble TX through 11/22]

Saturday 1994 - [Ginny visiting] Jack Walker of Hillsboro (who used to sell insurance) spoke at UMC Men's Breakfast. Ginny and I walked to Wells and back, a very nice day, we also visited the playground. Trimmed the grass back along the walks. Visited Louise Bloom out at the old Perkins house. Emergency squad and Lions Club having dinner today. Wendell Jack Walker telling of problem of mailing package to Spain from Hillsboro PO.

Sunday 1995 - Wilmington retail merchants having Christmas open house. We did visit Swindlers [nursery, florist]. Ate at Frisch's. Marian Schantz is 86, she is real proud of her daughter-in-law in her balloon-hot-air hobby. The Kings brought over pumpkin bread.

Tuesday 1996 - [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

Wednesday 1997 - Went to Wilmington, saw Donna Brown. Zoning dept. has moved across the street to building next to UMC building. Danny Nixon now working at WPL. He and Rachel were married this summer. Saw Donna Cornelius and Donald Mone at Bob Evans. They were in school together at Belfast. NV is putting in new fire plugs.

Thursday 1998 - [Phoenix to Las Vegas] Met the Kings at First Watch at 8am. Wendy was ½ hour late. Roberta had just gotten in the night before from Germany. Left about 9:30 and were in Kingman for lunch at McDonalds, where we got a shake and ate muffins and fruit from Roberta. Gas 92.9¢. Lots of road construction south of Kingman. 75mph speed limit on I-40. Had reservations at the new Belaggio Hotel in Las Vegas, room 6006 (has view of the strip), were there at 4pm, 3pm local time. Beautiful flowers in lobby area and several pools open to guests only. Still had to walk through slots, etc. to get to elevators. Took the tram to the Monte Carlo Hotel, then a long walk to the MGM Grand, more walking. First restaurant was booked but ate next door at the Brown Derby. Jean got onion soup, I got Cobb salad and a salmon dinner which we shared. Grapefruit cake for dessert. Room at Bellagio very nice, separate shower area and big tub, water shows [outside in front of hotel] every half hour. New Eiffel Tower going up across the street.

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