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November 6, 1989-99

Wycliffe Banquet, Church Bazaar

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - Went to CMH, four hour program on 55-Alive, safe driving.

Tuesday 1990 - Filed Gertrude Clark's will.  Election Day Dinner, $4.50.  Bob and Carl's had turkey for 19¢/lb if you bought $50 worth of groceries, 39¢ on $10 order and 29¢ on $25.  Watson won County Commissioner race over Hadley.  Voinovich for Governor.

Wednesday 1991 - Mary Bahr spoke at Lions Club on New Sabina Industries.  '92 travel folder from Saga came.

Friday 1992 - [to Newark] John and Julie had invited us to go with them to the Wycliffe banquet at the BW Inn in Newark.  Sat with a couple, the young man had just had a lung transplant.  Also another couple, the McKee's who had lots of enthusiasm.  A blind man spoke.

Saturday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Wilmington UMC Men's Breakfast, Grayson Atha spoke.  Mother did drink a large glass of orange juice but no food.  Can't get her teeth in.  Serena came.

Sunday 1994 - Barnabas program at NV Church of Christ.  We had the Bell Choir and also our choir with 18 people.  The program ran from 6:30 to 8.

Wednesday 1996 - [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

Thursday 1997 - Went to Cincinnati, GE Credit Union on Reading Road for a realty closing on Flora Daniel property.  Had lunch at Montgomery Inn in Montgomery.  Gas 107.9¢

Friday 1998 - Lyle Sheffield was killed in an accident involving a semi hitting a deer which was thrown into Lyle's windshield, just north of Henderson's on Rt. 73 at 11 am.  Wrote sympathy letter to Rosemary Smith re her husband's death.  Jean had church meeting in Martinsville.

Saturday 1999 - Church dinner (800+) and Bazaar today.  $600+, 4-7pm, $6 for adults.

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