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Nov. 23, 1989-99 Grandma hangs on another day

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [to Lexington, KY for Thanksgiving] Mother and Jean and I drove to Lexington to meet MV, Don and Sandy at L&N Seafood Restaurant (Green Roof Mall) [L&N was replaced by Regatta Seafood in 1994, and the mall is now called Lexington Green.]   Buffet $9.95.  MV felt lousy.  She (MV) is house and cat sitting for her music teacher (Virginia Bowles) at 1125 Buttonwood Ct.  What a large house, especially the bathroom suite off the mater bedroom  (he works for Salvation Army).

Friday 1990 - Beautiful day.  Transplanted trees and shrubs + hauled down a lot of brush from Betty Thompson's.

Saturday 1991 - [to Santa Fe NM] Flew to Albuquerque where we rented a car and drove to Santa Fe.  Had reservations at the Picacho Hotel [no longer listed, may have changed names], then had dinner at La Casa Sena.  It's cold there.

Tuesday 1993 - Jean got Jay Ewing to come and help put up the storm windows.  Mother still won't drink much liquid.  Sadie hopes she will hang in there until Roberta arrives.  Put some leaves on the garden.  December issue of National Geographic came.

Wednesday 1994 - Dow Jones Index down 92 points.  John, Julie and Kate arrive.  John had sheet on Concorde flight to London from Columbus, Ohio and back on the Q.E. II at $5000 and UP.  Also talking of Izaak Walton place in Essex MT for a family get together.  Ted Wallen in hospital with kidney stones.

Thursday 1995 - [Orlando Florida, Thanksgiving] Went to the Peabody Hotel at 11am to see the 5 ducks "run" to the fountain.  Then to Church St. Station, 1886 RR station and shop.  We ate at Lili Marlene's [not currently a restaurant with that name in Orlando], we were there 2 hours.  Next door was Brady O'Grady [possibly Rosie O'Grady's which is listed as a former entertainment place at Church Street Station, now closed] where fellow played and sang.  We walked around Lake Eola.  Back to Disney Village, what a crowd.  Had to call lock man to get into our room.

Saturday 1996 - Back from LA and the Australia and New Zealand trip.  Joe Hiestand Family had party at Snow Hill for Joe's 90th birthday.  The plane ticket cost was $1379.

Monday 1998 - [Death Valley to Laughlin NV] Drove to Badwater, walked out on salt, lowest spot in North America.  Sign up on hill "Sea Level."  Some rough road into Shoshone CA.  Pit stop at nice McDonald's in Pahrump NV, lots of building sites there.  Ate lunch at 160 & I-15, got potato soup and sandwich as carry out.  Then Jean went in and we got ice cream, $2 for a waffle cone.  On to Laughlin and have room 5070 at the Hilton for $17/night.  Great view of the river, also nice walk along the river.  Had supper in their diner, prime rib for $7.95, too much to eat and Jean had French Dip.  At least you can get around here without passing too many slots.  Went to movie across the street, saw Pleasantville, weird.  They didn't know what rain was and this gal falls for the artist.

Tuesday 1999 - John, Julie and Kate arrive.  Kate likes to play librarian.  Grant was at Wells again.  Grabills were in re conservation easement.  Also John Hill about the wrecked car, where title signed by P/A.  Jean had spaghetti for supper and some crispy cookies that really turned out brittle.  Dr. Weatherington called and said my blood tests were good with a low PST.  They are starting to move things out of the old NV School.  Kate is a finicky eater.

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