Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nov. 27, 1989-99 Memorial Service for GHU very touching

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Temperature] Up to 60° and a real hard rain.

Tuesday 1990 - Up to 70°+, Mother very non-talkative, sometimes she will hold a glass, so hard for her to see.  She sleeps into about 10 in the AM.

Wednesday 1991 - [Phoenix] Bought new pair of SAS shoes.

Saturday 1993 - We went down to see GHU at 11:30 at the funeral home, she looked very nice in her pink polka-dot dress.  Catherine and I walked to the cemetery at 1pm then the Memorial Service at NVUMC at 2.  Don officiated and MV sang, very touching.  The Church and especially GG brought us lots of food and had a meal here at 3pm.  Don and MV left.  Ginny is staying here until MV gets past the busy season.  Cris and Angela also went home.  Larry Kintner is having great difficulty with his Mother who is 71, mental case.

Sunday 1994 - A wet windy Sunday.

Monday 1995 - [Lake Worth to Naples via Fort Myers Florida] Visited Ed and Evie Johnson in Fort Myers, they have a 1929 home with a flat roof with large enclosed pool, giving ½ lot to David. They are on grid off ? Ave. near the golf course stand pipe. We had a snack with them and came down 41, built up most of the way, should have taken I-75.

Wednesday 1996 - Aleda Purtee hearing on admission of lost will to Probate.  GG and Carolyn were the witnesses, things went well so we ate at Samuel Walkers for lunch.  The Crowsons arrived about 7 and John, Julie and Kate about 8pm.  Julie has a game where identical letters are on two different pieces of cloth and you have to guess and match.  Kate does real well.

Thursday 1997 - [Newark, Thanksgiving] Thanksgiving dinner at John and Julie's house.  In AM cleaned windows, eaves, great weather.  Julie had a regular banquet.  In evening John and Julie went to Ashcrafts after they had a big dinner.

Friday 1998 - [Phoenix]  Left with the Morgans for Sedona, a 2 hour drive.  Walked around Oak Creek State Park.  Lunch at the Atrium in Tlaquepaque in Sedona.  Heard that Jack Conklin lives there.  Came back to 57th and Utopia where the new Glendale PL [Foothills branch] is going up.  Catherine showed us all the options under "Portfolio."  Enjoyed reading the book Lindbergh by Scott Berg.  Also An Empire Wilderness by Robert Kaplan.

Saturday 1999 - Crowsons left about 10am as were to meet friends at Ponderosa in Wilmington for brunch.  They travel heavy.  Cleaned up leaves between sidewalk and street.

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