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November 30, 1989-99

Nov. 30, 1989-99 Last Chance

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - Big ⃞ dance Christmas party, Herschel and Betty Arnold have bought condo near Clearwater, they are going down next week.

Friday 1990 - GHU got plant from Catherine.  New mold for 32oz bubble wand came.

Saturday 1991 - [Phoenix] Visited new P.L. near 32nd St. and Union Hills [This was built as the headquarters of the County Library, later became half library half Charter School, now unknown.  The county library headquarters, administrative only is now at 2700 N. Central.]  Then to see Betty Fife, she is 73, has a nice mobile home but miles from anything.

Monday 1992 - Mother weighs 99#.

Tuesday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Jean and the Hortons took Joe, Catherine, and Roberta to catch the plane home.  Jean told me that Ginny was pretty noisy coming home.

Wednesday 1994 - Bought 500 shares of Cracker Barrel at $19.

Thursday 1995 - [Naples to Pinellas Park Florida] Left Naples about 10, Ted and Maria there were most helpful.  Lunch at Brandenton, Exit 43.  Called Louise Waters, phone disconnected.  At La Quinta Hotel in Pinellas Park, did stop at Ponce [de Leon] Hotel, still in Bond family, just $8 a night back in the 40s.  [According to this website, the Bonds managed it for years, bought it in 1959 and sold it in 1997.]   Met Helen Kuntzman.  She's been here 12 years, he died after few months here.  Helen is 74 and wants to work another 18 months.  Ate at Luby's Cafeteria.  Their son [Reynolds "Rennie"] died at age 43 on June 11.  [For more about Kuntzmans see July 11, 1998 post.]

Saturday 1996 - Mie Young and Greg with their 1-month old baby, they live in Carmel IN.

Sunday 1997 - A wet warm day, stayed at home.  Sermon on Xmas vs Christmas.  Are we looking for a person (Jesus) or a present?  Printed final Christmas letter.  Bible study on speaking in tongues.  John Harmon telling how he had diagnosis for cancer 17 years ago, also Marie Chamberlain getting a divorce after 39 years of marriage.  Article in today's NYT about India.

Monday 1998 - [Phoenix] Back to Last Chance, then to mall at Camelback and Scottsdale Road [Scottsdale Fashion Square], a BIG place.  Had lunch at La Madeleine [all locations now closed] in the Food Court.  Nordstroms has beautiful store.  Supper with the family at Abacus [Chinese] at 35th and Thunderbird.  Roberta had coupon from Fry's.  Roberta made reservations at Glorieta NM (near Santa Fe) for 14 rooms 7/2-7/6/99,  that is all they had left.  Gal suggested their cottage with 28 people and 3 bathrooms.

Tuesday 1999 - Apparently a new passport came for Serena, though we have heard nothing from her.

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