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Dec. 1, 1989-99 Sunday School and Church

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - Roberta called us at 4:45 AM (AZ time), 6:45 here to tell us she had just talked with MV and heard about her marriage plans.

Saturday 1990 - Church Bazaar.  Jean was in charge in the kitchen, everything 80¢, drinks 30¢.  Took in $300 in the kitchen, $1700 total.  Burned shrubbery in the AM, went to ⃞ dance in Hillsboro.

Sunday 1991 - [Phoenix] Met Kings at Carl Jr's for breakfast, then to Church with them at 1st UMC, then lunch at AZ Center, lots of new shops there [now practically no shops].  Bought maroon Allen Edmonds for $165, salesman quite a talker.  All over for supper at the King's, hard to keep cat off the kitchen table.

Tuesday 1992 - To Nathan Hale to get the stitches out.  Said he was quitting at the end of the year, he will be 76 in 2/93. 1) It's no longer fun, (2) he may be losing his marbles and (3) he isn't making any $ with his overhead.

Wednesday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Still trying to get those two life estates on Hazel Clements satisfied.  Lions Club program at Wooden Spoon.  Bill Wolfe told a bunch of jokes (??).

Thursday 1994 - First meeting of Leadership Clinton.  Don Haines hearing in Municipal Court and finally got Streber estate closed after 17 years.  Working on our Christmas letter.

Friday 1995 - [Lakeland to Orlando Florida]  Looked at the College of Lakeland and also a stop at the P.L.  Got Frosty at Wendy's and got to Holiday Inn Express ($44) near Orlando airport.  After a lot of traffic we met Hallets at Linda's Winter Park Diner on Fairbanks, they live on out past P.L.  Ate at Park Ave. Grill $12.95, on a very pretty street with nice shops.  Been married 53 years.  He has Parkinson's and diabetes, just started with insulin.

Sunday 1996 - Jean had SS lesson on Acts 1:1-8.  Hanging of the Green program at church.  Sheila was there, she had worked for App. Innovations.  We had the buffet at Golden Corral, $6.39.  Got expired milk at Krogers for $1.09/gal, regular $2.64 ($2.19 at Aldi's).  Got standby reservation for Colorado Springs.  Ticket to London $441.

Monday 1997 - Rigsby divorce hearing.  Long Administrative Board meeting re church growth.  Donna Smallridge to be new SS Supt.

Tuesday 1998 - [Phoenix to Cincinnati airport] We made the rounds with Roberta in meeting all the people at Senior Village.  Met the Morgans and the Kings at the new baseball stadium for lunch.  For Jean's birthday they brought her ice ice cream with chocolate sauce in a miniature plastic ball cap.  Decent meal on the plane, plenty of room.  Had room 113 at the airport Holiday Inn for $94.  We used the whirlpool.  The pool felt cool.

Wednesday 1999 - On Lions Christmas committee with Tom Terrell and Mitch Casfry at Laurel Oakes, nice meal for $6.50.  We charged 2 for $10.  Four didn't show up (the Martins and the Earlys).  He charged us for 40 people.  Robin McMillian sang.  Had 29 there.

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