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November 29, 1988-99

Luby's for breakfast

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1988 - Supper at the Precinct in Cincinnati, $43.15 + 18%.

Wednesday 1989 - Went ⃞ dancing.  Janet Davis told the group she was transferring with Walmart to Victorville, CA.  The old deal with McCrory, they will buy if you give it to them.  Started making the 32oz. bottles.  Roberta is so good about calling GHU and sending her cards.

Friday 1991 - [Phoenix]

Sunday 1992 - Mother very sleepy, couldn't get her teeth in, pushed food away.  Bought another turkey at Bob and Carls, for 38¢/# with a $25 order, regular is 69¢.  Met C.J. (60) and Ann Moore (57) at the Denver House, the two of us was $23 with tip, then went to Murphy Theater, Gentlemen Prefer Blonds about a 35-year-old with Marilyn Monroe.

Sunday 1992 - [second entry, same day as above] Bob and Bev Gooding here for lunch, went to pheasant farm and visited the Harners.  We are trying to run Print Shop on the computer.

Monday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] A busy day at the office, also eye operation, may need a cataract operation in 3-4 years.  John, Julie and Kate returned home.   Roberta had dinner with Charlie at Heartland at the Frontier Steak House.

Wednesday 1995 - [Naples Florida] Johnsons came about 9:15, walked to 3rd St., shopping area, especial the mole hole, the hat with long hair.  Then to Registry [now called Naples Grande Beach Resort, The Waldorf Astoria Collection] for lunch buffet for $9.75 (coffee $1.75).  Then to Collier county Museum "Now and Then," he misses his cattle.  They left at 5:15.  We walked over to the beach for sunset at 5:30 and then to 7-11 for breakfast food, milk and muffins.

Friday 1996 - Zurface closing date.  John, Julie and Kate left about 2pm.  Jean and I worked out at Aleda's for about 4 hours, hauled away two pick-up loads of trash.

Saturday 1997 - [Bryant IN to home] We left Bearcreek about noon, on to Ft. Recovery OH, a must stop at the P.L., lady was nice to let us in.  Had lunch at a restaurant near IGA on R. 49 in Greenville, after visit to P.L. there.  Stopped at Book & Co. on Stroop Road. [Kettering]  Oh what a selection of calendars.

Sunday 1998 - [Phoenix] Went to Luby's for breakfast with the Kings, breakfast is new at Luby's.  11am service at Trinity UMC, lots of loud music.  Met Amy and Judy at LePeep [9832 N 7th St. location closed 2009, now called Scramble] They are in process of buying a house.  Out to Canaan in the Desert, 40th St. south of Shea.  Went to Morgans for supper, very healthful meal.

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